You’re My Sunshine, coz “Har Ek Friend Zaruri Hota Hai” !

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Ever said that to a friend? Or ever had any of your chums say that to you? If not, go and credit all those people in your life who help you survive each day, give you immense strength, are your partner in crime and have helped you pull off the darkest and craziest of days. Everyone’s got friends, right? But not everyone has every kind of friend! See the types of companions you have and which category do you fit best into. Cheers.

  • The Shopping Friend

So, she has every bit of knowledge on what’s hot, what’s not, what’s dreadful and what’s delightful? Each time you go shopping, you beg her to join you, or to at least keep her phone close so that you can send a quick mms to her from the trial room. This friend is your personal designer, except that she doesn’t do a couture or prêt and haah! you pay her nothing either.

  • ‘The Friend In Need Is A Friend Indeed’ Friend

Ok, too much “friend” thing happening here, but here is someone who will cross seven seas, fight death and fire (get the drama going) and arrive to get your troubled ass out of every mess you land yourself into. The rare, genuine friend.

  • The Fren-Emy

Beware! Everyone’s got a few of these pricks in their life, who pretend to be your chub but actually are worse than your typical adversary. More of a love-hate relationship exists between you and your fren-emy, you have to be forcefully cordial to them and the two of you are barely bearing with each other.

  • The Best Friend Forever

You share food, you share clothes, you share chap sticks and you share each other’s lives. You are extremely comfortable sitting with them in silence (because it doesn’t get awkward), you even tell them to shut up when you want some quiet and the two of you have had some roller coaster times together. The best friend knows your parents better than you and truth be told, is your brother (sister) from a different mother!

  • The Listener Or The Brooding Soul

This one’s more of a strong pillar. He/she listens to you vent about everything under the sun, curse the economy and your siblings, sympathises when your boyfriend acts like a douche and is clearly not judgemental. Out and out, he is your support.

  • Gromance

Whoever coined this term, was a sexist, for sure. Why must there be brotherly romance between the men, while we, the fairer and stronger sex, are yet to be pampered with such expressions. Fine, soul sisters almost gets us there, but there is something about romancing your buddy (in a very non sexual way, of course)! Talk about platonic love.

  • The Life Of A Party

The wild, crazy, fun friend who never let you see a dull moment. Having him around guarantees an incredible time, since he/she kicks up the heels and knows all the thrills! He’s optimistic, takes life in his stride and isn’t the kind who sits and be a sulk baby.

  • And To Sum Up

There’s the spender who spends like there will be no tomorrow and his arch opposite tight-fisted friend who will forget his wallet, be broke or expect you to treat them all the time. Not to forget the eternally single and always dating variety, the daydreamer and the talker and that one unique friend who you might not be in touch with for several months together, but when you see each other, it’s like a house on fire.

To all the treasured buddies out there, we cherish and value your presence in your friends’ lives. It’s you who get this world going.