Your Tattoo And Its Meaning!

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Tattoos have been in vogue for quite some time. We all have friends who flaunt their tattoos with much ease and style. From the most apparent to the least imaginable of places, people can go to any length to get themselves inked. Allow us to enlighten you on what your tattoo actually means?

Tribal Tattoos


The tribal tattoos bring fore cultural past and events and depict history. They became famous during the 1990’s but eventually faded due to the increased popularity. At times, these require blessings, monks, nuns, etc and the hand poking tattoo technique which can get very painful.

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Butterfly Tattoos


Feminine and fun, the butterfly tattoo emphasizes on the free spirit in you. From the large to small sizes, the charm and beauty of these tattoos is unbeatable. According to the Japanese culture, the various phases of womanhood are symbolized by the amount of butterflies.

Star Tattoos


These ones have a variety. From shooting stars to still stars, from the depiction of constellations to linking it with your zodiac sign, the star tattoo comes in a variety of patterns. One can even look into the deeper meaning of the prominent stars from the solar system and get oneself inked accordingly.

Calligraphy Tattoos


Calligraphy stands for ‘beauty of writing’. People often engrave their hands, arm, neck, back, leg etc with sayings by great men, pieces from the scriptures or the name of a loved one. The ink used is the typical black, blue or green. Chinese, Sanskrit, Arabic, Japanese are the languages mainly used for these tattoos.

Celtic Tattoos


Symbolic and depicting wisdom, the celtic tattoos usually involve a good understanding and knowledge of geometry and mathematics. It represents the link between heaven and earth. The celtic knots, cross, heart tattoos, etc all fall under this category.