Your Shoes Describe Who You Are

Several women have an obsession for shoes whereas some buy them to increase their collection, others for necessity, while others for show off. But do you know that the shoes you buy, describe your personality. Yes, that’s right; the footwear you wear, speaks a lot about your character. One can judge you on the basis of the shoes that you wear.  So whenever you shop for your footwear, try to choose it wisely.

Here we go:

1. Flats


If you like wearing the flats, then sorry to say, but you are boring. You are introvert in nature, and it’s difficult for someone to get friendly with you. You are usually a highly emotional person and appear to be a very delicate person. Women who choose to wear flats are sweet by nature.

2. Rough Biker Shoes

shoes-describe-your-personality-biker-shoesYou are extrovert in nature and are pretty out going. You definitely like the adventurous sports, right? The women, who choose this type of shoes, usually prefer to be the master of their own life. They don’t trust anyone except their own self. They are usually tomboyish, and have rough choices.

3. Ballet Slippers


If you are a woman who loves to wear the ballet slippers, then you are casual, soft spoken, and soft in nature. You can adjust easily to any environment and situations, and people feel comfortable in your company.

4. Flip-flops

shoes-describe-your-personality-flip-flopsIf you are a lady who loves to wear flip-flops more often, then you have a laid-back attitude, you are carefree, and worry-free. The ones who wear flip-flops are usually youthful in nature.

5. Wedges


Many ladies love to wear wedges, if you are the one among them, then you might be straightforward, right. The women who choose to wear wedges are independent and confident. They are friendly in nature; the only flaw is that they tend to trust people easily.

6. Sneakers

shoes-describe-your-personality-sneakersIf you are the one who loves to wear sneakers, then you have a personality of spontaneity, and you are born to be a successful leader. You have a personality of forever on the go, and you are self-confident.

7.Knee-high Boots


If you are a woman who prefers to wear knee-high boots, then you are strong, daring, and have a powerful personality type.

8. Stilettos


The women, who choose to wear stilettos, are often the ones who tend to seek attention. Women who wear stilettos, they like to flaunt themselves, and they like people to call them sexy. Women choosing stilettos usually have good taste of fashion, and are a bit of spoilt brat.