Your Pocket Guide to the Best Accessories This Season!

Trend alert: This season, over indulge, ladies! Go extravagant, go overboard, and go excessive. It’s all about standing out; making a first impression that is sure to last an eternity. Get out of your comfort zone, and brace yourself to enjoy all the limelight. And we aren’t all talk and no substance. Allow us to help you be stunning this season, and enlist yourself amongst the who’s who of fashion.

Choker Necklaces

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First things first, get yourself a lot of over sized  bold, super necklaces. Your neckline will not only thank you for this piece of accessory, but we are sure you’ll be more than pleased with what it can do to your entire appearance. The strapless and crew neckline will work perfectly with this style.

Embellished Eye-wear

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We mean business here. Love them, loathe them, but there’s no ignoring them. If you cannot afford a Prada or a Roberto Cavalli, go in for Aldo or Accessorize. Designer or DIY, we cannot get enough of these huge fashion favorites.

The Adorned Bag

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Be it a clutch or the big bag; adorn it every bloody possible way. It’s all about binge accessorizing  so take help from all the sources possible, be it studs, sequins, pom poms or feathers. Assure that everything you indulge in is maxed out and gets the right attention wherever you go.

The Arm Candy

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Alexander McQueen and Celine made it pretty obvious in their Spring 2013 shows. Pop matching cuffs/bracelets/bangles will highlight your wrists and make even a simple outfit look on trend.

Body Harnesses

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Thanks to the ever growing popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey, the body harness has become quite a mania. There’s a catch though, this new style accessory is going to be more lady like and less bondage inspired.

Metallic Pumps

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The rise of metallic pumps continues into the next year and with much élan. Gold, silver, rose gold and other stand out chunky colors deserve a try and must be included in your newly transformed wardrobe.

The Gaucho Hat

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The fedora is passé, and the gaucho hat is the new in thing. If you’re wearing this trend coming season, there’s not much you’ll have to do with your outfit, for it stands out and gets you all the attention just too easily. Pair them with feminine frocks and skirts for maximum effect.