Yoga: Your Ultimate Guide to Weight Loss Part 2

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How are you doing? I hope you had a lot of in ‘right information’ from my last article on Yoga and weight loss. Now, as you know about obesity and its occurrences, we are good to go further with our training. Let’s get into the journey again, and learn what exactly lies in Yoga, that will break the flab from tummy, thighs and hips.

What is the Connection between Yoga and Obesity?

Earlier Yoga was considered to be only spiritual, but researches have revealed the medical benefits of Yoga. Gradually, it took the status of an alternate medicine, and now has become the cure of many and major ailments of the body, of which obesity is one. Every asana of Yoga is copied from an animal posture. In ancient age, yogis used to treat and cure their ailments with such Asanas. And while practicing such asanas, they went beyond the healing process and cured the disease itself. And, as we are aware of the causes of obesity, we can get onto the yogic practises to cure obesity.

Essentials of Yogic Practices

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There is a proper order to practice Yoga, but many people are not aware of these steps, and hence they are not benefitted to the fullest from Yoga. Here are the steps of Yogic practices:

1.     Pranayama

2.     Bandha

3.     Mudra

4.     Kriya

5.     Asana

Pranayama calls for a relaxed breathing pattern. If one performs Pranayama after Asanas, breathing pattern of that person becomes faster, which is not good for Pranayama practice. Similarly, Mudras and Kriyas increase the metabolic rate inside a person’s body, which makes it easier to practice asanas. But people with medical problems should first consult their respective doctors before taking a start for practising Yoga.


It is the beginning of the yogic practise and the first step towards reducing the weight. Everybody, whether accepts or not, is tensed about his/her body weight. Pranayama helps to keep your anxiety levels down, and improve your will power. Most people are unable to lose weight because they have a very shallow will-power, and either they do not work out properly or cannot control over their eating habits.

Hence this step is very important to prepare you and make you strong to lose weight. Prana means ‘breath’ and ayam means ‘control’. Thus, it is the process of controlling the breathing process, where you control your breaths for as long as you can hold. It energizes and purifies your blood.

Let’s follow the Pranayama steps to reduce weight:

Bhramri Pranayama


Take the posture of Padamasana or Vajrasana.



  • Close your eyes and inhale deeply, counting from one to five.
  • Hold your breath and press your chin down on the jugular notch (the mid -point of two collar bones under the chin).
  • Raise your chin up to four fingers, and emit the humming bee sound from your throat. The sound should travel upwards.
  • Repeat it and try to produce sound for as long as you can emit, in one stretch of holding your breath without getting tired. If you get tired, leave the process there, but do not put stress on your body, else it will be quite difficult for you to perform asanas at later stages.


  • It calms your mind and relaxes your whole body.
  • Humming sound makes you concentrate more, and hence enhances your concentration power and memory.
  • It also improves your vocal quality.


People with throat infections or problems should avoid it.

Sahaja Pranayama:



Take the posture of Padamasana.


  • Keep your back straight and close the eyes.
  • Focus your attention on the navel region, which is also known as the point of fire in the body.
  • Inhale deeply, lock your chin on jugular notch, and hold your breath for as long as possible.
  • Raise your chin up and exhale through your mouth.
  • Repeat the three stages in a rhythmical fashion.


  • Holding breath and concentrating on navel region increase the temperature of body, and hence help in burning out the calories.

So, these were the two important Pranayama for calming your body down, and preparing you to reduce weight. We will be back soon with our Mudras, Kriyas, and finally Asanas to make you leaner, and ultimately turning you into a chic diva.

Stay tuned!