Wow! A Tropical World in the Middle of German Countryside? I’m in!

How’d you feel if you get to spend a tropical holiday in the middle of the German countryside? Ecstatic! Right?

Well, the dream has come true with the tropical islands resort in Krausnick,Germany. The place holds the world’s largest indoor beach, and if you are wondering how big is the big… Lemme tell you that the place has enough space for flying hot air balloon. There are 50,000 plants in the forest, to buttress the feel of a tropical world.

6000 visitors are allowed inside this place where 400 can enjoy sun lounging while others enjoy the water rides, take in the artificial rainforest feel and jump on a ride with hot balloon. The place was a former aircraft hangar, and you can get tanned under the artificial sun even when it’s cloudy outside. Another world in the world? What say?

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In a Glance

  • 6,000 swimmers
  • 50,000 plants
  • 32C  temperature in the Bali Lagoon
  • Spread over 66,000 square metre
  • 360m length
  • 210m width
  • 107m height
  • 400 sun loungers.