Worst Dressed Celebs at Filmfare Awards Nomination Bash

The B- town celebs once again gathered together for the grand award ceremony. While some made it in the glamorous gowns and the sober suits while some totally disappointed us. We have found a bunch of worst dressed celebs that could not make it the red carpet with isshtyle!

Have a look!

Pink candy! She did stand apart from all but, for all the wrong reasons!

And the student of the year goes to… No! Not Aaliya this time!

Pencil pants on pencil legs! She looks absolutely weird! Poor gal!

 Just one word comes to describe Sophie’s Outfit… Silver Fish!

I think… Anjana seems to be very much colour obsessed! A Black dress, a pink clutch, bronze sandals and a blue nail paint. What is next?

 Yea, I know Big is in! But we aren’t living in the 80’s Sonu.

Dangerous! We do not have very high hopes in fashion from Hard Kaur as long as she makes us groove to her peppy numbers in Bollywood.

Devilish! It is an award night Shruti… Why have you dressed up for a Halloween night Party?

 Who said black makes you look thin Huma?

Budhi Ghori Lal Lagaam! NO! Budhi Sridevi and Laal Top.

We loved nothing about DP’S style except for her Colgate smile.

“I am an Aqua girl in this award world”!

Are you out for jogging Shekhar? Or have you lost your way while jogging and decided to party at this award night?

Hope you had a good time in worst dressed celeb spotting! I wish the celebs make it in style to the next season!