World’s First Driving Dog’s Video that Went Crazily Viral

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Dogs can bark; they can watch out for your place while you sleep at night; they fetch your morning newspaper to you! The amazing thing is these super dogs can also drive! Yes, it’s real! After working hard for 2 months and being given a fair number of treats, these dogs learned to drive and rocked the racetrack. They drove a specially modified Mini, and even turned corners. The dogs were made to set at the driver’s seat. They were on their haunches when their paws rested on the steering wheel. The extension levers are attached to the accelerator, and that’s where their feet rest. The other paw takes care of the gear stick.

A beardie cross- ten months old Porter used his paws to control the pedals and drove along an entire race track, in New Zealand.

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He was then followed by 18 month old Monty- a giant schnauzer cross, and he also was able to complete this feat.


After their successful driving, the two were challenged to have a test drive on the race track; it was broadcasted live. The dogs were strapped with seat belts, and their trainers gave commands to them.


If you don’t believe the pictures, check these videos!

Porter: World’s First Driving Dog Video

These dogs were rescued by the Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, in Auckland, New Zealand. They decided to train them in order to prove to people that they are intelligent. Mark Vette, their trainer said, “They are great dogs, each with their own distinct personality.” ‘You wouldn’t believe any dog could learn to drive a car on its own but we’ve proven through our understanding of animal psychology and our specialized training methods that intelligent creatures can adapt to the situation they’re in.

‘It really is remarkable and we are so proud of the achievements of our dedicated training team and the incredible SPCA driving dogs.’


Meet Monty : Another super driving dog from SPCA

Ginny was the third driver of the group. He’s one year old Beardie Whippet Cross.

Mark further added, “We train dogs to do different actions, touch is the first thing and then, we teach them to touch the different objects with the right and left paws. They’ve all come through at this point, and they’re going surprisingly well”.

The charity hopes that since the public is impressed, they might be eager to adopt them.

Christine Kalin, Chief Executive of SPCA Auckland said, ‘I think sometimes people think because they’re getting an animal that’s been abandoned that somehow it’s a second-class animal.’

‘The dogs have achieved amazing things in eight short weeks of training, which shows with the right environment just how much potential all dogs from the SPCA have as family pets.’

How Porter and his friends learned driving : See the training video

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