Women Smokers: Following the ‘Fashion Statement’ At the Cost of Life

Facts & Figures: Get Astounded! 

What stuff is the most desirable and fashionable ‘must-have’ in today’s world?  Do you have any guesses like- Blackberry, iPhone, or something else? Get ready to have an amazing fact…For the enormous number of teenage girls, it is “Cigarette”.

The style started in 1990s, when girls tried to overhaul boys as smokers. According to the report, in the year of 2004, the percentage of smoking among 18 year old girls was 28%, which was higher than boys, who bagged only 16%. Since then, the records have been breaking. In 2009, girls became more addicted and prone to fall in the pit than boys.

The Affair Needs to Give Some Concern

Nowadays, girls are changing their self image extensively.  Smoking and drinking between teenage girls has reached at worrying stage. Smoking shortens a person’s life; we keep hearing about the deaths due to smoking. Tobacco consumption is one of the biggest causes of incurable death globally. There is a need of programs to run, and of taking actions against the cigarettes’ ads as the advertisements, push the teenagers towards adapting this harmful habit.

The lifestyle of teens and the “dark marketing’ procedure, utilized by the tobacco traders, is a substantial change. We see that tobacco creators keep coming with attractive ideas. If you search YouTube……You will find videos of hot teenager’s smoking, and having fun. These videos appeal to girls’ fantasies and fear.

Adolescent girls appear particularly vulnerable to the blandishment of the tobacco industry. Rhine, 18 yr old girl began smoking a year ago. She felt like a trend-setter, and everyone around her started experimenting the same;Ooh! I’m smoking..It’s cool. I feel like grown up. There was another chic in the group named Rebecca 17, thought that she has made an impression on her friends, and left them with a head rush.

Jane Schaffer, a researcher had argued recently, that teenage girl-smokers view it as a “prop” in a performance of adulthood, a way of crossing the boundary between childhood and adolescence, and moving away from parents authority.

The New Breed: Approaching With Some Forge Perceptions

Most of the girls, smoking at an early age suffer from low esteem. In a survey, we found that the girls who are into smoking, keep a perception that this will drift them towards their ‘so-called’ dreams. They consider it to achieve the “top-shelf” of their group- popularity, fun, confidence, and high status.

For the girls, nowadays’, smoking is a medium to chit-chat with strangers while asking for a lighter. However, the center of smoking for teens is lunch- time, where you see all other age group people puffing their life in a herd.

Some people think that  they adapted smoking habit only because of the pain they were going through in their lives. They were likely to be in their own shelves of depression, where all life issues are like a thick smoke and nothing seems to navigate their way through this misery, except smoking.

Tobacco industry has been continuously exploiting teens, by their fake stupid ads. If you circle around, you will find many ‘thadis,’ filled with fascinating cigarettes for adolescent. What do I say about girls? ….Are they crazy heads, or living in a dilemma of getting slimmer by puffing the cigarettes, as they parrot the word slim on their packets?   Poor girls! Probably they believe that the content inside, can help them trailing the weight.

Take It As an Alarm! This Might Be Your last Chance to Save Yourself From Going Into Oblivion

So, no big prize for guessing, it’s correct. The target buyers get hit by the new label of “super skinny” cigarettes. In comparison to boys, we find more girls smoking light cigarettes (Marlboro light, Benson & Hedges, etc..). Girls! Wake up. Snap out of it. Remember, you won’t be in your teens forever. Let me aware you of its repercussion, with a belief that, knowing the fact, you will be convinced. Don’t you want to deliver a healthy baby? Choice is yours.

On the flip side, the most deadliest disease ‘Cancer’ takes it’s roots from a slow burning fire. I believe girls, at this point of time, women smokers need a substitute, that can make them feel as independent, attractive and powerful as they consider cigarette can do. Moreover, Smoking has taken  long feet on the health and living standards of our young generation. It is eventually destroying the mere basics of our society, and becoming a matter of concern for everyone.

Smoking is a feminist issue, and we need to take the extreme step to kill it before it starts killing more innocent lives.

Alarm…Alert…It’s time to open our eyes, and look at the pack itself, which says “Smoking is injurious to health”.