Wining Tale of Mompreneurship

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I would like to start my article with an example of a woman who started her business eight years back from now, when her son was born. During all these years, she kept her business small. She holds no regret that all these eight years her business remained a ‘home based’ business.  Actually, it makes an absolute SENSE!  It allowed her to be at home with her son at all hours, around his play-times and work during his nap-times. Now, like her son, her business has grown and finally she’s moving her business into an office space.  Her business was small at the time of start, like her baby. Hence, business demanded just few hours per day of her time. As her kids began to grow, so did the needs of her business. Today, when she looks back at her business, she sees her business has gained enough progress, grown fast like her kids. Since, she has grown-up child now, she isn’t required to be around so much.

Well, the common question that might cross your mind if you are aimed to start your own venture is- ‘when the time is apt to commence mompreneur venture or what type of business is the most suitable one’. The experienced and successful mompreneurs say- the right business is one that you can start at a small scale and is also be supportive to one’s goal as a family.

Being a mother, you would certainly not like to miss your child’s first step. You find contentment in being at home to pick your children from school and put them down to sleep, and simultaneously also running a business, no matter if the business is small and less profiting. To be present to live these precious moments of motherhood with your babies, you won’t complain or regret for not trying to take over the world.

It’s no hidden truth that when you become a mother, you do sacrifice many things in your life. As an entrepreneur, the biggest sacrifice for moms is to hold back their business and say ‘NO’ to career opportunities to aid, benefit their family. But, what matters the most is that you choose to do this without any grudge or resentment. If you’re creating a family-focused business, it should not have poor impact on your business and most importantly on you.

Here are some handy tips to help you to grow your business as your family grows-

  • Create the Vision and Mission: It’s important that you build a roadmap to achieve your business goal, considering your family needs.
  • Work Smartly: When the time is limited and many things to finish then put your limited time to the most important work. Hence, it’s important that you start your day by prioritizing your work.
  • Delegate: To not let your business to suffer when you’re with your family, it is advisable to hire personnel for everything you can.
  • Seek the Support of Spouse: Support of spouse in parenting is very important when you are on your way to expand your business.
  • Team-up: Your gains will be doubled and pressure will be reduced if you partner up with a like-minded person who also got the same goal.

Hope you find the tips useful. We will continue to bring more stories of mompreneurship to you.