Wife Sued by the Husband for Being ‘Ugly’

They say, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. This wasn’t the case with a man, from the Northern China. A Chinese man named, Jian Feng sued and divorced his wife for being ugly. This man was so much in love with his wife and her beauty. Until the day, they had a baby and this was the end of their love story. You all might be thinking that what happened all of a sudden, if the man loved her so much, then from where does this fact of being ugly came from.


I know you are curious to know the truth behind the story of the husband, who sued his wife for being ugly.

The couple was living a happy married life. The man was so much into her and was crazy for her. They both were so happy when they came to know about the pregnancy. But this pregnancy came as a nightmare for the wife. She gave birth to a girl child, who was very ugly, and he was shocked to see an ugly child of such a beautiful woman. The man too was somewhat okay, so initially, he doubted his wife of adultery, and of being unfaithful to him. The DNA test proved that the ‘ugly baby’ is of his own flesh and blood.


Do you know the truth behind this ugly baby? Well! The truth is that the wife had been through plastic surgery for approximate $100,100, before meeting him. She had plastic surgery to look beautiful as she was a woman with weird and ugly looks. She told the truth to her husband, to save their marriage, but this hidden truth shattered her husband, and he filed the case against her that she had been deceiving him for so long. He filed for divorce in Chinese court, saying that she falsely convinced him to marry her. He demanded $120,000 from her for cheating him and betraying him for so long. The judge agreed, and he got the damages.


How cruel the society is! The weird part is that how can a father call his own daughter as ‘incredibly ugly’ (he said it literally), and how could he think of suing the woman he loved so much. Did he love her only for her outer beauty, her gorgeous face? He never loved her for her beautiful heart. And the reason that she never came out with the truth is because she never wanted to lose him.

I think the court of China has gone insane. The woman spent her money on herself to look beautiful, even before she met her future husband. She didn’t ask for a penny from him, then why the hell was he furious. What was she supposed to do? Show him the before and after pictures? Come on, I think he loved her for what she is in present, not for what she was in the past. So where did this love go, huh? This whole case was a shame on society, for treating a woman as a show piece than a human.