Why Women Fail to live their Entrepreneurial Dreams

It is  a societal failure to have reduced number of ‘Female Entrepreneurs’, when both  women and men are alike in many respects – level of education, expertise in the field, access to financing and work experience.

We find women outnumbering the men in universities but when we look at the statistics of female entrepreneurs, we get disappointment. Why…why do motivated, intelligent and capable young females shy away to acquire leadership positions?  We, the young women of today do not face the kind of discrimination that was faced by the women of our grandmother times.  Though, discrimination in the form of sexism still exists and impedes the progress and prohibits many of us to lead; but they are far subtle as they were in the earlier times.

Let’s discover why we get to see only fewer females in tech and other flourishing businesses-

  • Pressure of being Perfect – The society constantly puts the pressure on young women to excel perfectly in all areas of lives. The burden of proving their mettle sometimes, come as a deterrent to many women to come forward and lead the business positions.
  • Psychology -The psychology of the society still needs to get broaden. It is the psychology of our society that prohibits women to lead. Society does not take them seriously and embrace their work.
  • Lack of Confidence – Recently, ‘Global Entrepreneurship mentor’ conducted a survey and found that only 47.7% of females, in contrast to 62.9% of men believe they are capable of commencing their own business.  This lack of morale exists in all cultures and economies.
  • Dearth of Opportunities – Like men, women also find entrepreneurship attractive but they believe that market offers less opportunity to them opposed to male counterparts.
  • Fear of Failure – The fear of facing failure in the business is another factor that contributes lower female executives in the country.
  • Dependence on Family Members – Females depend more on their family for assistance. Their entrepreneurial network is also very weak. Their acquaintance to only fewer entrepreneurs makes them to depend ultimately on their family members. Talking of males, they have large and strong business networks. They rely more on their business colleagues than family for support and help.
  • Unprofessionalism – Women are the care taker of family. Their family responsibilities make it hard for them to find and retain work. Display of unprofessional behavior hinders their growth as an entrepreneur.
  • Lack of Negotiating Ability – For some women it is tough to negotiate. It is not that they are unaware of the worth of the things-it is just that they feel little bit hesitant and uncomfortable to talk about it.
  • Physical Attractiveness – Many women are crippled by insecurities about their looks. Females live in pressure to maintain their physical attractiveness at all times. Hence, women who lack plastic beauty become the victim of died self-worth and self-confidence.

Today’s young women have a tough road ahead because misogyny and sexism is again back on the rise.