Why to Go for a Romantic Getaway…Apart from the Obvious

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A beautiful place, romantic weather, you and him! Picture perfect! Ain’t it? How often do we feel like taking a break from the monotonous humdrum of everyday and going for a holiday (I feel like that every weekend)… and if you have the love of your life to accompany, the heaven’s right there!

Now, think again… how often do we actually follow our heart and go for that romantic holiday? Rarely! Reasons? Oh, we have plenty of them… the incomplete project at office, renovation of house, savings for the new car, upcoming exams or even the slight cold you caught, which anyway wouldn’t last for a  day or two. Come on! Accept it… we are just lazy!

This time, let’s not procrastinate the much awaited and promising getaway with your love… and since you are a very reasonable person :Girl-Teasing: … let me name a few for your peace of mind!

  • Be it the simran and raj of DDLJ or jack and rose of Titanic, a romantic getaway is all it takes to fall in love. And you think you don’t need to fall in love coz probably you are already in it? Trust me… you do! It would be a very pleasant experience to fall in love all over again! (With the same person off course, unless you have something else cooking in that bubbly mind of yours!)


  • How long has it been since you went for a stroll with him without a thousand things running in your mind… the incomplete file on your desk , the mail you didn’t check, your answering machine… to name a few. On this getaway, there wouldn’t be any of these to occupy your mind or his and you can walk hands in hands for an hour or two or three… as long as it feels good and your feet don’t start complaining.
  • Remember that unsettled argument when you couldn’t express what you really wanted to coz your (or his) phone won’t stop ringing? Am sure there are a number of such unsettled opinions, arguments and discussions which you never got the time to discuss. A proper understanding, if not union of one another’s opinion is essential for the relationship. And now you have all the time to have these intellectual, philosophical, personal or whatsoever ponderings at the midnight coffee with your partner.

Sex on the beach will not be just a cocktail!

  • Do you love to be pampered? Hell yeah! Here’s your time to be unreasonably stubborn and to surprise him with the child inside you (not literally). Let him feel that he belongs to you and you to him. Trust me, there’s no greater pleasure than an unreasonable demand fulfilled! (Brownie at 2 in the night or a careless walk in the rain or… making love on the terrace. Ahan! Now you are thinking…)

Okay, you got the drift… the getaway is sure to rekindle your relationship! But wait that’s not all! Here’s a few more…

  • All those gorgeous, lovely, bright colorful dresses you keep buying every now and then. Now is the chance to flaunt them and bag some (some? okay, loads of!!) compliments and praises from your man. Leave him impressed with your breathtaking charm and styling so that he keeps wanting more of you when you return from this dreamy escapade.


  • The Thomas Cook discount voucher you had stashed under your files, thinking that you’d use it later… USE IT NOW! You never know… Thailand could be the secret ingredient you needed to spice up your love story.


  • And another witty one… choose famous shopping destinations for the romantic getaway. Heard of… ‘Killing two birds with one stone’? Well, it’s just a naive killing and the bird really wants to get killed! This way, you have a happy spouse and a bunch of new clothes and shoes and bags and accessories and… okay! I should stop right there.