Why the World Won’t End in 2012!

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If you were planning to spend all your money and enjoy the last few days of your life partying at the south beach in Miami before the large-scale end of the world. I might be a killjoy and ruin your party by telling you that the world is NOT ending in December!

After the reports of some people being so distressed about the end of the world that they had stopped eating and sleeping, NASA was forced to publish a fact sheet Beyond 2012: Why the World Won’t End.

So does that mean no small planet coming to hit our earth?

The planet Nibiru that is supposedly marching towards earth was supposed to hit us back in may 2003 but since it did not, the apocalypse was postponed to a convenient 2012. (Some technical problem, I guess?)

And what about the grrreat ancient Mayan calendar ending on Dec 21?

Well, let’s see it this way. The calendar in your living room ceases to exist after Dec 31. Right? OMG! So there should be no freakin’ life after that! So the Mayan calendar just ceases to exist after the date. One poor innocent calendar, for god’s sake won’t end the world!

Umm… what about the very convincing theory of some bad-ass planet alignment that’d affect the earth?

NASA predicts no such alignments for almost a decade and even if such alignments were to happen, there will be no major consequences. Anyway, earth and sun align with almost the centre of Milky Way galaxy which is just an annual event (just like your birthday!) and no apocalypse signal!

Brown dwarf, Nibiru, PlanetX, Eris… all fake?

Sadly, all these stories are nothing more than internet hoaxes. If these planets were real and coming towards us, scientists would’ve been tracking it down for almost a decade and by now they would’ve been visible by naked eye. Eris is a real planet but it’d always remain in the outer solar system like the Pluto.

But the meteor can’t be fake! Is it?

Yes! Why? Were you expecting a huge shadow darkening the skies while you were standing on the petrol pump, one fine day?

Earth has always been a subject for asteroids and meteors but the last big smashing hit was 65 million years ago (yes! The one that kicked off the dinosaurs). NASA or any other scientific organisation is not expecting anything half a big like that to hit earth anyday soon.

And before you ask more, there are no freakin’ solar storms, no zombies, no big bang end and no awkwardly weird things you are imagining to do with the planet! So maybe it’s time to find some other cause to feed your highly imaginative mind!