Why Couples Untie the Marital Knot

Divorce is one word full of sorrows, but do you know some people marry and then get divorced and then again re-marry. I know it sounds absurd, but it’s true. Now and then we observe duos trying to linger their marriage with a hope of getting better, and sometimes we see people who don’t even know when to get divorce.

Here we are giving you few reasons to understand why people want divorce.

Lack of Sexual Incompatibility, Commitment and Infidelity

Divorce happens when marriage takes place out of love. It’s like signing a deal of their life and sometimes the deal also fails. Marriage can never be sustained by quick solutions of life for long.

In any relationship, physical intimacy plays an important role and if you lack in there then nothing can make it better and we see couple eventually get divorced.

Communication Gap Between Spouses

It is universally accepted that communication is very much needed in any relationship. Keeping your resentment boiling within, how your partner will come to know what’s going in your head and for survival of a relationship it’s required to talk about things. For termination of a marriage, lack of communication is a major reason.

Addiction of Alcohol

Too much of addiction of anything is bad. Drugs and alcohol addiction never go hand and hand in the constitution of marriage. If you are addicted towards illegal substances then you have chosen the path of destruction. If you see your partner is straying from the correct path you need to support him and preferably get some professional help. We know living with so many difficulties is not easy and that’s why couples are blessed out.

Job and Career

Mutual decision is must in a relationship. At times we see couples arguing regarding their career. One should understand occupation is important for the couple and thus one should respect the decision of others.  We have seen many a times, a career oriented husband wants his wife to look after her household duties and force to sacrifice her career and dreams, which leads to divorce.


If there is boredom in wedding, pair eventually grows secluded and catches disinterest. Some of the regular reasons behind boredom in marriage are; illness, no mutual interest, sex issues, incompatibility, less community support, no humour, social isolation.

Other Reasons

  • No Communication
  • Ego between couples
  • Stress
  • No satisfaction level
  • No trust between the two
  • Extra martial affair
  • Abnormal Behaviour
  • Property Issues

Issues are endless but we need to be strong enough to deal with the situation. Also we need to ignore unnecessary arguments and should always try to move forward with the positive attitude.