Which Celebrity Hairstyle You Like? Bangs or Braids!

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Be it braids or bangs, B-Town ladies have them all! While the braids remind you of the school times, bangs highlight our features.

Here, we have a list of our Bollywood divas who love experimenting with bangs and braids.

Anushka Sharma


We wonder what inspired Anushka to follow this hairstyle. Her red carpet looks always rocked, but this is simply not working on her! Tough bangs are in, but we suggest it is not your cup of tea. Get back to normal!

Katrina Kaif


The little bangs make Kat look not less than a Barbie Doll. Kat’s silky long hair has been always admired by her fans, but this bang adds on more cuteness on to her. Plus, they are making her look younger! Good going!

Sonam Kapoor


Sonam’s side- swept braid is stylish and classy. The braid is done here with a change. After all, the style diva cannot go wrong when it comes to styling. The braid looks like a slim tail, which is complimenting her pink gown. Funny yet happening!

Deepika Padukone


The gal has gorgeous hair locks. She looks beautiful in whatever she styles in! Recently, we spotted her in a funky side braid that complimented her white ganji and hot pants a lot. Casual yet classy!

Chitrangada Singh


She may be ruling over Bollywood, but her sense of styling has had no fall ever. Her short-crisp fringes add an elegant touch to her personality. Her features look more prominent with the fringes. So, if you have features like Chitrangada, go for this hair-do.

Priyanka Chopra


Priyanka’s bangs give her a very youthful and glamorous look. No wonder! This young lady knows how to capture the lime light. Also, we love Miss Chop’s gorgeous and voluminous hair. Either bangs or braids, you are always rocking!

Genelia D’ Souza


Loos like every heroine went through this terrible hair- do. We know the style is in immense demand, but this is not your way of styling Geni! Disasters do happen, but you gotta overcome them! The peach dress and make-up are suiting to you.

Bipasha Basu


Miss Basu loves playing-up with her hair, and we do not need any proof! Her long side braid hits Bollywood like a storm. Seeing her, many other babes have tried imitating her but couldn’t match her style and grace. Be it a high pony or straight poker hair, we love this bong beauty.



Kajol’s motherhood has not let her style getting down. Now-a-days, the diva is found experimenting with new jazzy hues. She is also experimenting with her dressing sense these days. We spot her wearing off-shoulder blouses, with funky accessories. And, when it comes to hairstyle, she rocks in a classic bun or side braid. She is a sport!

What is your take on this? Braids or bangs!