Which Breed is Your Boyfriend ? Identify!

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Label your guy in the apt category, Girls!

The Great Dane

The Great-Dane-dog

Admit that you like rude boys. You fell for him because of his rebellious attitude. He is your angry young man! He makes you feel sweet 16 when he is around you! He may be shrewd at times, but that is totally okay coz a Great Dane is a little rough to handle! Trust me! He is not as hard as you think him to be… Maybe he is misunderstood.

How to handle him

It is not that he never wants to stay under your wings; it is just that this boy never wants to get tamed! That is why he is a watch dog! He might get on his nerves when you try to control him. But, the bark of this dog is dangerous than his bite. Show loyalty to him, coz all this breed wants is- “Reassurance”.

The Pug


Wherever you go, they follow you. Yes, this is true for a pug! They are the ones who proceed slowly and get the girl of his dreams, alas! This breed can be a lil arrogant at times, but all is fair in love and war, right? Like a genuine lap dog, this breed likes to be cuddled and hugged. On a Sunday afternoon, you will find him curled up on his bed, for hours.

How to handle him

Like a true pug, your man is almost well behaved. He can survive through terrible times by all alone, and if you shower loads of cuddling and cajole, this man will make you the lady of his life. There is nothing warmer than their hug…Trust me!

The Labrador


This man shares a passionate chemistry with sports. He may be the best footballer of his school and also the best cricketer. You will mostly find him enjoying a game of cricket or soccer, on a Sunday morning. He is a sports freak, and gym is his second best home.

How to handle him

Like a true lab, this man loves to be sporty all the time. You can take to soccer matches or invite him for a game of wrestling (if you in a rebellious mood). Accompany him to gym and he is going to love you, even for your sweat that you have shed running over the treadmill. And, you also do not mind him sweat. Right!

The German Shepherd


You take care of him and see, how obedient he is. He will give a bouquet of roses, hold the door for you and also he will pull chairs for you while you are out for dinner. He is a foodie and will get the best wine for you. He is romantic by nature and has an erotic eye contact.

How to handle him

This dog is always ready to serve you. He is easy to handle, but never show the red flag to him otherwise you will have a tough time. He has the traits to please a lady. So ladies, beware! He is a heart -throb. Reciprocate the romance! And, he will love you forever.

Golden Retriever


Your dad loves him, and your mommy loves him! He is the favourite “son” of your family, and you will make him your bro- a lil J. This guy likes to do babysitting, for lil ones. It is not surprising if you find him cuddling little babies. Yes, this guy is a perfect “Marriage Material”. He is a typical family man.

How to handle him

Golden Retriever… He is a true socialite among all the breeds! Luckily, he is easy to handle. Take him out while family outings, friend’s re-union; lunch with his mommy and observe his smile through his smile. Yes, he loves to be a mommy’s boy. Surround him with kids, and get his love. Oh! Did I just drop some hint for you?

Which category does your man belong? Do tell!