Where Rainbows End by Cecelia Ahern – Book Review

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After writing P.S. I Love you, the number one bestseller, Cecelia Ahern wrote Where Rainbows End, a tale involving two best friends- Rosie and Alex. The story is narrated through notes, letters, invitations, e-mails, and instant messages between the various characters in the book. The narration is charming and funny, and keeps you engaged from the very first page.


Rosie and Alex are childhood best friends, when suddenly Alex has to move to America from Ireland, the pair gets separated by thousands of miles. Their connection stays strong despite tones of misunderstandings and tough circumstances. The book tells about how their lives are intertwined despite the totally different paths they had chosen.

Even as little children, Rosie and Alex are destined to be with each other, their relationship grows and develops through births, weddings, deaths, etc- but confusion keeps them apart. You know it in your heart that they can never be together because the situation is too complicated, but it looks like fate has different plans. Cleverly told, the narrative flows well and the writer provides all the information to the reader, through their conversations.

The novel delivers on all fronts, be it emotions, entertainment, or pace. Though initially, you might think their world is too good to be true, it soon becomes realistic and you are compelled to read it till the very last page. Surprising, humorous, heartfelt, face-paced, and dramatic, Cecelia Ahern’s Where Rainbows End is an absolute page turner!