What To Do…What Not To Do…That’s The Question?

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Vocational courses are the short term courses that focus on imparting specific skills. These courses prepare you for a job by providing practical knowledge of the working world. Albeit, these courses offer various benefits, they also have some disadvantages.

Here are some pros and cons of vocational courses.


  • These courses are of short duration. Depending on the course chosen, you can complete them within few months or in less than 4 years.
  • Vocational courses focus more on practical aspect of the job. It means; you can develop your skills in a better way, which helps you a lot in future career.
  • These courses offer a good blend of hands-on practice and theoretical knowledge.
  • The tuition fees of these courses are very less. Scholarships are also offered for aspirants by some vocational schools.
  • As these courses are job-oriented, you can have several job opportunities.
  • A lot of vocational courses are available for chasing career in different fields. You can select the course according to the profession, you are interested in.
  • You can pursue higher education along with these courses. These courses can be taken via distant learning or online. 


  • As the young generation is more concerned about their career, they tend to pursue the courses which provide them with jobs in hand, earlier. So, the competition increases and the market get saturated with the people having same skill set.
  • These courses are highly focused and equip you only with a particular skill.
  • You have less chances of getting information about other fields.
  • Most of the vocational courses provide low-paying jobs.

Take a look at both advantages and disadvantages of vocational courses, so that you can arrive at a better decision.