What ‘Not to Eat’ During Pregnancy

There are some food items from which you should make a distance while you’re a pregnant. Consumption of such food could be unsafe and harmful for your baby. Here are list of the food items:

  • Cheese with a mouldy, white rind, such as camembert and brie and blue-veined cheeses like stilton. These cheeses contain bacteria (listeia) that is harmful to your baby.


  • Raw sea-food such as sushi or oysters.


  • Pate and uncooked or raw meat and eggs. They may contain bacteria which is harmful to your developing baby. Ensure you consume well cooked eggs and meet.


  • Avoid eating liver and liver-products (like liver sausage or pate). Because they may contain vitamin A (retinol form) in a large amount. High content of retinol can be harmful to your unborn.


  • Say no to fishes- Swordfish, Shark and Marlin. They contain hazardous levels of mercury in them. Some mercury is found in Tuna as well. So, it is advised not to eat more than two tuna steaks/ week.

  • Cut down or stop consuming alcohol during your pregnancy period. If you wish to consume alcohol despite being a pregnant, do not go beyond drinking 1-or-2 units of alcohol that is too once or twice a week.


  • Consumption of caffeine should not be beyond 200 mg/day. It’s best not to have more than 4 cups of tea, 2 mugs of instant coffees or 5 cans of cola per day. It’s better switch to decaffeinated colas and hot drinks instead.


Knowing what NOT TO EAT is equally essential the way knowing what TO EAT.