What is an Epilator Hair Remover: Excellent Tips on How to Use it!

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An electrical device that removes hair by simultaneously grasping and pulling out multiple hair strands, is called an epilator. Unlike waxing, epilators do not remove dead cells from the epidermis. They can be of 3 types- battery operated, rechargeable, or corded.

Epilation Tips for Better Hair Removal

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Your skin is more desensitized and relaxed when soaked in warm water. Dip your arm/leg in water (preferably warm) for about 5 minutes. Keep it fully submerged and start using the epilator. Since your hair will automatically lift under water, the device will get a better grip.



You can also apply a little soap or shower gel for perfect results.



If you aren’t in the bath and wish to do a dry epilation, make sure your skin is dry and completely free of oil. Grab a few cooling tissues, as these will make hair removal more soothing and pleasant.



Always use the epilator in the upward motion, i.e., against the direction of hair growth. This will “lift” the short hair of your leg or arm.



If you are new to epilators, do not go in for epilation if you have a big night to attend. Rather, use it a day before the occasion, as sometimes, epilators may cause slight skin reddening. In case that happens, use a lotion or moisturizer post hair removal. You can also use an ice pack for immediate cooling (remember to dry the area before you start epilating again).



Remember to exfoliate. Exfoliation prevents the growth of in-grown hair and removes dead skin cells. In-grown hair can be problematic when you’re using the epilator, so use a body scrub to clear your skin. You may end up getting coarse stubble otherwise.



It is also suggested that you hold the epilator at 90 degrees while epilating. Stretch the concerned part of your skin with your other hand (especially when doing knees, calves and thighs) otherwise you might end up with undone areas in the end.



If you are doing your under arms, it is more advisable to shave first. This is not only less painful but will also help you in getting away with the stubble.

There are a variety of good quality epilators available in the market now. We prefer the ones by Philips, Panasonic and Braun. Try them and who knows, you might end up finding them more beneficial than waxing!

Happy epilating, ladies!