What Happens When You Dump Your Dentist Girlfriend!

We all feel like breaking the teeth of our exes at some point! Right? After all, they dumped us! But here is the super girl who actually did it! Now that’s nice! Isn’t it?

Anna Mackowiak, 34 is a dentist by profession (Now that explains it) and her boyfriend Marek Olszewski went to her clinic complaining a toothache, a few days after he dumped her. Now, the revengeful lady got her chance and plucked out every single tooth out of the heart breaker’s mouth. Olszewski says that when he woke up he couldn’t feel his teeth and there were bandages wrapped all over his jaws.

It’s been found that Olszewski had left Anna for another woman. I wonder, if the other woman now accepts ‘toothless’ Olszewski. So, beware all dumpers is what i have to say after this!