What Favors Love?

“Fortune rarely accompanies anyone to the door.” – Goethe

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When will I get the job? Will I get success in my career? What will be my earnings…These are some of the general questions, the answers of which are sought by everyone. You might also be looking for a palmist, who can quench your queries. So, your search is completed here! You are on the right place! Go through this article and get acquainted with your fortune!

The Line of Fate is also known as the Line of Destiny. This line begins anywhere from the base of palm and terminates at the Mount of Saturn beneath the mid finger.

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It indicates-

  • Profession
  • Promotion
  • Career issues
  • Change in the career
  • Earnings

Features of Best Destiny Line

  • Narrow and deep
  • Thick brown color
  • No gap/break
  • No intersection

If you have this type of fate line, then it’s great! You will enjoy a prosperous and successful career and striking income.

Age on Fate Line

At the base of the palm, count five years. When the Destiny line intersects the Head Line, it must be deemed as 35 years of age. Take 55 years at the Heart Line. At the Mount of Saturn (where Destiny Line finishes), the age should be 75 years. Divide your Fate Line in the similar manner taking the duration of five years.


Nature of the Fate Line Features
Long and straight line
  • Smooth career
  • Continuous income up to the old stage.
Straight line (without any defect) ending at the heart line
  • Chances of getting government job
  • Income till 55 to 58 years of age.
  • Troubles in love life.
  Diverted line
  • Soon going to change your current job.
  • Chances of pursuing career in different field
Line of fate beginning from Mount of Moon and a horizontal line in this area
  • You will go abroad and stay for a substantial time period.
  • Good earnings.
Broken line
  • You will lose your job.
  • It will take some time to get a new job.
  • Financial problems at the age depicted by the breaks.
No Fate Line/Absent line
  • Poverty
  • Mostly servants, rickshaw pullers, and manual laborers have no fate line.

Branches from the Destiny Line moving downwards
  • You will meet some individual, who will be helpful in taking your career to the new heights.
  • Your earnings will boost up subsequent to this point.
Branches from the Destiny Line moving upwards
  • Profit in the business/job
  • Promotion
  • At the age, when the branch begins moving upward, income will get increased.
Horizontal lines intersecting the Fate Line
  • Needless expenses
  • Loss of money
  • Inhospitable environment in the office
  • Joblessness for sometime
Wavy and broken Fate Line
  • You will not stick to any one business/job.
  • Remain jobless for most of the time throughout the life.
Island in the Fate Line
  • Stress in the office
  • Loss in the business
  • Inability to take intelligent decision
Destiny Line beginning from the Life Line
  • Relatives or family members will constantly support in your career
A parallel line to Destiny Line
  • Earnings from another sources
  • Support from friends and colleagues in sprucing your career.
  • Additional part time job or 2 business simultaneously.
  • Your spouse will also earn a good income.
Destiny Line ending at the mid of the palm or before reaching Head Line
  • Struggle in earnings
  • No savings
  • Debts
Destiny Line ending at the Head Line Failure (after 35 years) due to wrong decisions and judgments.

Identify the nature and features of your Destiny Line!

Good luck!