What Does Your Smile Say About You?

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Did you know a smile says a lot about you?

Find out how:

Cheryl’s Cole

The symmetric smile


Cheryl’s smile is a good example of the perfect symmetric smile that clicks everyone’s heart at once! The smile is very evenly shaped and stretched out wide, till the dimples are shown, which reflects her warm nature and high rate of sexuality. The tooth line is perfect which calls for a good health, and dimples add the bubbly nature. People having this smile are a bit childish by heart, and lead a peaceful and happy life. They are calm, harmless and caring for their friends.

Julia Robert’s smile

An infectious smile


Julia’s smile is beautifully infectious.  Along with a pearly smile, she has beautiful upturned lips. These people have a high emotional quotient and get exited easily. At times, they are a bit shrewd to people around them. They are a bit moody, but when they are in the mood, they are the best persons to hang around.

Megan fox smile

Circular, semi pout smile


This woman seems to have the perfect “O” shaped mouth.  Not a perfect pout smile like Jolie, but I would call it a semi pout smile. If a woman has this smile, she is indeed devilishly sexy, both inside and outside. She has high taste of colour and fashion. Also, these women keep beautiful homes.

Angelina Jolie’s smile

Nurturing smile


She has the sexiest pair of lips in the world. Yes, I would call it a million dollar smile, with a perfect pout. A lady with a pouted smile is a pleasure to be around. She has a high rate of romance and is fond of the opposite sex. She is frank yet a lil coy. She is extremely honest in a relationship and once committed she would never step back. You are lucky if you have a pout.

Victoria Beckham’s smile

Fake Smile


Victoria is best known for her suppressed smile. Intact, she has a lovely smile, but at times, she suppresses it by keeping her lips closed which shows her inner worries. This smile reveals that a person like her is surrounded by worries and tensions in her life. They never enjoy life to the fullest. Something or the other always goes in the mind which is a sign of “disturbed “element.

What does your smile reflect? Do tell!

No matter, what does your smile reveal, what important is keep smiling!