Whale Imitating Human Voice!!!… And I Thought It Was Just Parrots!

 If you thought only birds could imitate human voice, its time you get your facts corrected!

Scientists have found that whales (ya, u read it right!) can also imitate human voice. A beluga whale which was captive at the National Marine Mammal Foundation, San Diego, California.  They noticed something strange back in 1984 when some conversations were recorded around NOC’s (that’s his name) enclosure when nobody was around.

Hear the whale speaking…

Sam Ridgway of the U.S Navy Marine Mammal Program says that some conversations could be heard but one couldn’t make out the words they were saying. The noises were further confirmed when a diver reported that he heard somebody telling him to get out of the whale’s tank. This was very unusual and it was found that the whale produced the sounds by inflating the air sacs to a higher pressure as compared to the normal vocalizations.

Unfortunately, the talking whale died in 1999 after a span of 30 years. But the study proves that marine mammals are very much capable of producing different voices just by listening.

So, the next time when you go scuba diving and say something like ‘hi’ to a passing whale and you never know you might get a reply as well!