Weirdest, but Paid Jobs

The idea of so called “DREAM JOB” often rolls around in our heads. The thought of a perfect job crosses our mind when we find the passion missing in our current job. After all, what is exactly the dream job? It means different to different individuals. People have hobbies and hobby is something for which the level of enthusiasm and craze is high.  So, run after such jobs only which appear ‘NEVER BORING’ to you. You must be wondering whether such jobs exist. Yes, such jobs are present. Here I share examples of such four professions which seem little weird but can offer you a good living.

Game Tester

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Do you love playing video games? If you’re a big fan of playing video games and love spending every moment in front of your computer, then you should think of becoming a professional game tester. Just think for a moment if you are offered money to play video game…..isn’t it simply WOW! Well, I’m not kidding. It’s true. There are gaming- companies that offer big bucks to individuals like you and me to tell them what we think. They want to know what we think, how and why we purchase certain games. Through this they bring improvement in their gaming products and offer you good pay for your opinions. They want you, now…right now! Don’t hold yourself back, go ahead and become a professional game tester. In this profession, all day you’ll have to play video-games. You can work from home and work your own hours.

Professional Chocolate Tester

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Are you chocoholic? If you’re and can put your taste buds to tasting yummy chocolates, then the profession of chocolate tester is definitely the one you should go for.  You will get to travel, taste heroic amount of chocolates and inventing new flavors.   The amazing part of the job is that you’ll be paid for eating chocolates. The coolest job ever! Work will no longer be a chore. Isn’t it interesting?   Without any doubt, it’s the best profession in the world. As far as ‘FANTASY’ jobs are concerned, chocolate-tasting comes pretty at the top of the wish-list.


Are you a book lover?  If you love, the book editing job is probably the most fabulous one, you can dream or imagine. As an editor you’ve to shape what others, the world reads. People run to editors to know about gerunds and you as an editor, have to use a red pen and mark the errors. Easy job but good paying one!

Personal Shopper

Purchasing for a living……a dream job of many people! As a personal shopper, you’ll have to search for clothes and other items for your customers/clients. You need to be informed of the stylish, latest trends and the places where you can find the best items at a competitive price. You can work for store or hired by a private client.

Make your Passion your Living!