Wear Your Shoes Right

There have been times in your life when you’ve looked at someone, admired their face, quite approved of their outfit but cringed inside when your eyes met their feet. What would you do about them? Out rightly reject them in your head, or be patient and pray to god to help them pick the right shoe next time.

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We’ve met a few members from that segment of the population, and are betting this month’s bonus upon your exploratory encounters. This time, we plan to pick a few of the most worn, most common and most seen around shoes and acquaint you with what to team them up.

What  Wear With When
Ballerina Skinny Jeans, Short cute dresses, High waist pants, Shorts Day time, casual evening out
Stilettos Gowns, Skinny Jeans, Long and Short skirts Cocktails, Dinners, Parties
Wedges Loose pants, Short frocks, Shorts Casual early dinners
Flip flops Casual shorts and Jeans Daytime
Sneakers Jeans, certain shorts, track pants Daytime, evening jog, casual run
Ankle boots All kinds of pants, long skirts Preferably in the evening
Pumps Skinny jeans, miniskirts, sundresses All day, every day
Sandals Jeans, shorts, short dresses Both day and evening wear
Oxfords Skinny Jeans Day time outings

We hope to have covered approximately all kinds of shoes currently in trend. Pick the right outfit for your right shoe. Don’t let one small slip-up, kill your look for an entire day.