Wear Safety while Housekeeping

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You might have come across to eye injuries, crush injuries and cuts to fingers and hands, while housekeeping. A good housekeeping is that, which is done with safety. By adopting safe housekeeping practices, you can avoid domestic injuries and accidents.

Safety Tips

  • Keep the children away from the household cleaning stuffs. Place these products in a safe lock.
  • Some products are toxic and a ‘warning’ is given on these items. So, before using any product, read the directions carefully.
  • Tie a cloth or wear a mask and gloves to protect your eyes, face and hands from the harmful effects of the cleansing products.
  • While spraying, keep a safe distance. Pull out your hands away from your body, before spray.
  • Sometimes, the bottles of cleaning products get mixed with other household products. So, label them with their name.
  • Never mix any two or more chemicals, especially ammonia and bleach. This may produce noxious odor.
  • You might get eye injury or burning sensation on the skin, if your hands come in contact with these organs. Therefore, after using the cleansing product, wash your hands thoroughly.
  • To reduce the risk of falling down, make use of a step-stool, instead of a ladder. Seek help of others to hold the ladder.
  • Don’t use unraveled wires or electric cords. This may cause house fire.
  • For dusting, use extendable handle tool, so that you can avoid being in direct contact with the dirt and dust.
  • Always keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen.
  • Ensure that no wood fragment, loose boards or nail is jutting out from the doorways. This reduces the possibilities of scratches and cuts.
  • Prevent children from playing on wet floor, otherwise they may fall and get injury.
  • Keep access-ways and floors unhindered.
  • Dispose of garbage and trash in the dustbins, regularly.

“One man’s untidiness is another man’s accident.”

Implement the above mentioned safety tips and become a good housekeeper!