We Heart Orange! So Will You!

Orange is chic. And orange is in. What more can fashionistas ever ask for? While the colour is making waves everywhere, we thought we’d be your designer for the day and help you choose as to what goes well, how well or just not well at all with this colour of the season.

To Choose From

Okay, there’s so much orange in the world right now that in order to decide how much of it you need in your wardrobe is no longer a daunting task. It’s almost the age of “Orange renaissance”. Nail paints, blazers, umbrellas, belts, pants, scarves, bags, buttons and shoes everything is craving to be drenched in this hue. Not to miss one of our most prominent accessories: the beloved lipstick. One coat across the lips and your nude dress suddenly looks so complete. Or just a pair of orange pumps to works wonders for your subtle beige.

The colour is bold, brilliant and B.E.A.-utiful. It is both vintage and fresh and so, it’s absolutely no wonder as to why it’s all over the place, right from the catwalks at London and Milan to your girl next door, everyone seems to be madly in love with this mood lifter.

Here’s How You can Flaunt it Right

  • If the orange your embracing today is bright and energetic, just like you, we advice that you keep the rest of your accessories to the bare minimum.
  • What can go exceptionally well with a muted shade of orange is an accessory in animal print. (we root for the one in leopard).
  •  If the dress you’re wearing is organic orange, team it up with a bag or shoe that stands out and makes your ensemble look complete.


So licking on an orange candy is almost trend setting now! The hue is no longer sesame-streetish! Oh, and did we just find you the right pet? Yes, the orange looking goldfish!