Wayne Goss: Applications and Tutorials from the Incredibly Talented Makeup Artist


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Wayne Goss is an international makeup artist renowned for his makeup applications, tutorials, demos and tutorials. And the best part is that, his expert advice can be made use by us makeup lovers, sitting right at home, thanks to his various videos and blogs (yes, he’s a certified makeup blogger) available on the internet. His videos will give you a real insight about makeup ethics, buzzwords, products, makeup essentials, latest trends, advices, and just about everything related to our favorite makeup! His reviews are brutally honest, and he insists that everyone has an amazing feature and helps us highlight it.

Our Favorite Suggestions by Him are-

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  • Match the foundation that you are about to purchase with your shoulder area, collar or neck as this is the true color of your body. Do not try foundation, concealer or powder on your wrist or arms.
  • When picking lipsticks at a store, do not try it on your wrist, arm, etc. Instead, wear it on your finger tips, as your lips and palm skin are pretty close in texture as compared to other body parts, as this will help you to understand how the shade will appear after application.
  • Makeup is not about hiding. It’s all about enhancing.
  • Don’t put too much weight on your brush. Whether it’s while picking up colors from the palette or applying it on your face; remember not to squish the tip.
  • All advertisements (whether still or moving) are photo shopped. It is absolutely impossible for anyone to be flawless- hair, face, body- anything!

Here are a few picks of his brilliant and informative videos-

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Video – 3

Video – 4

Also, check out his fabulous work on the photo-series project , “Half Drag“, with famous NYC Photographer Leland Bobbé. Take a look at the astounding transformation of these New York based drag queen artists, behind the makeup. Just one word – Wow !