Waxing vs. Epilator: What is the Better Option?

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Hair removal is the biggest pester in every girl’s life. Being hairless (except for the head, of course) might be one of the 3 genie wishes to most of us. Nowadays, we do have something like permanent hair removal through laser, and all but to a girl next door like us, laser sounds too pointless and expensive. So we’d rather stick to a regular hair removal thing like waxing, shaving, hair removal creams, etc.

Now, most of you would already know that shaving and hair removal creams are the worst way to treat your body hair. They cause skin darkening, and gradually, you’ll find your hair growth thicker and coarser. The best options you are left with are- either waxing or epilator, coz both of them remove the hair from the root.

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So, let’s see what is the best option among the two is.



What it is?

Waxing is a centuries old process for removing body hair. Yep! In ancient Egypt, women used to get rid of body hair by using a sticky medium, made up of honey and oil. The process of waxing isn’t something that needs to be explained, coz I assume everybody knows about it. There’s cold wax and hot wax, but normally beauty salons use hot wax. And nowadays, there are ready-to-use waxing strips, like, Veet waxing strips, but somehow I feel these are not that effective.

Good things about waxing


  • It gets your hair by the root, and hence gradually decreases the natural growth of body hair.
  • Effective for removing hair from large parts, like your legs.
  • The next growth comes after 5 to 6 weeks so it’s a onetime thing and you are free for one or more months.
  • Easily available at local salons or once you get the hang of it, you can do it yourself at home (it can be one of the things you do at a sleepover with your girlfriends).
  • Waxing not only removes hair, but also the dead skin and suntan.

Bad things about waxing  


  • It’s a messy process and when you do it yourself there’s a lot of cleaning involved afterwards.
  • To some people, waxing irritates the skin, causing redness, rashes or even bumps on sensitive skins.
  • It’s painful initially, especially on sensitive areas, like, the armpits. (Don’t tell me you haven’t cursed the beautician, when she pulls that strip off your underarms!)

Tips for safe waxing


  • If you have sensitive skin, go for chocolate or aloe Vera wax. Nowadays, there are many types of waxes to suit various skin types. Some of them claim to be painless but am a bit skeptical about that part.
  • Do not take a hot bath or use soap till 24 hours of waxing, as your skin tends to lose more moisture after waxing.
  • Don’t go for swimming in chlorine water or public swimming pools for at least 2 days after waxing, because your skin is sensitive and it can catch infection very easily.
  • Don’t go for waxing right after tanning or sunbathing, it can damage the upper layer of your skin causing bruises.
  • If you feel irritation after waxing, rub ice on your body, or apply a cooling gel.
  • If it’s your first time and you feel too much pain, you can ask the beautician to slightly press the area right after peeling the strip (works for me).

That’s almost everything about waxing, but if you have any doubts, feel free to post questions and we’ll be more than happy to assist!

Now let’s talk about the Epilator.



What it is?

Epilators are somewhat like tweezers, but electronic ones. Hairs are removed with the help of a rotating head or a coiled spring or wire. When the head rotates, the hair gets trapped in it, and it’s pulled out from the root. Some better epilators have varying rotation speed for different areas. In fact, some of them come with an electric razor part for some areas which are not suitable for tweezing.

Best epilators available in the market:


  • Philips Hp6519 Female Epilator Hair Remover
  • Panasonic Es2028 Rechargeable Ladies Epilator
  • Braun Silk Epil Super Soft Plus Ladies EpilatorTop of Form

Good things about Epilators



  • Top of Form
  • It’s the best hair removal option for unplanned outings/ dates when you don’t have time for waxing.
  • Easy to use and very quick too, once you get the hang of it.
  • Non-messy, unlike waxing.
  • Epilators remove the hair shaft from the root, so the next hair growth is lighter and slower.
  • It’s a onetime investment.

Bad things about Epilators


  • For the few times, using epilator can be tricky and painful.
  • You must be careful not to get your skin stuck in the epilator, as it may cause injury and bruises.
  • Some people suffer with ingrown hair, after using epilator.
  • It’s not advisable to use epilator on more sensitive areas, like, the bikini area.

Tips for using Epilator


  • Take a bath or steam before using epilator, as it will soften your hair follicle, but make sure your skin is completely dry, when you epilate.
  • You must epilate against the direction of hair growth.
  • Mostly you get a crazy red skin after epilating and it stays for hours, so it’s better to use epilator a day before the big event.
  • Buy an epilator that comes with a soothing pack. Or otherwise, rub ice after epilating.
  • Follow with a moisturizer or aloe Vera gel to reduce the redness and for a smooth finish.


I think now you know everything you needed to know about waxing as well as epilators and you can be your own better judge. What I feel is epilators are good for hands and legs, but I vote for waxing. I’d rather fix an appointment for waxing at a salon than struggling with the epilator at home. But to all the ladies who want to do it at home, epilators are the best; coz waxing would be too much mess at home.