7 Wavy Pixie Hairstyle Ideas for Women to Try

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Some hairstyles are always IN, and pixie cut is one of them. The trendy wavy pixie cut is chic, romantic, but it’s also easy to transform it into the edgy look when necessary. It’s easy to style pixie based on your personal preferences, and it’s exactly why we love this hairstyle so much. Throughout this post, you’re going to see seven amazing ideas for pixie cut for wavy hair.


How to Get Pixie for Wavy Hair

How to Get Pixie for Wavy Hair

Wavy pixie haircut adds movement to your hair, but in order to make sure it’s perfect you need a great hairstylist. Why? It’s because highly skilled hairdresser can divide your hair into sections and cut them in a way to give you pixie look, but at the same time to retain wavy texture.

If you have straight hair and want to get, a wavy pixie cut all you need is to apply mousse and use a curling brush or iron to get gentle locks instead of tiny curls. Apply hairspray to maintain the shape, and that’s it – your hairdo is ready.


Watch The Following Tutorial to Learn How to Cut Pixie for Wavy Hair


Best Wavy Pixie Hairstyles

Wavy pixie is one of our favorite hairstyles because, honestly, it can be anything you want it to be. You can style it into a romantic or chic cut, but it’s also easy to make it edgy and adventurous. These seven styles are bound to inspire you. Check them out below.

1. Wavy Pixie with Retro Scarf

pixie cut for wavy hair

The wavy pixie cut is a stylish hairstyle that appeals to women of all ages. It’s easy to transform it and send out your unique vibe. One way to style pixie cut with gentle waves is to use a scarf or bandana as an accessory. This way you get the retro chic vibe that’s always IN.

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2. Shaved Side

wavy pixie with shaved side

If you’re a girl or woman with a little bit of wild side, then you’ll definitely love this look. Combine your wavy hair pixie with the shaved side for an edgy, rocker chic style. This style looks wild, but stylish at the same time. It’s impossible not to feel empowered when rocking this pixie Mohawk-style haircut.


3. Short and Simple

pixie cut fort short wavy hair

Sometimes you just need a simple and elegant hairstyle that’s easy to create, but also fits in different situations and outfit choices. You’ll love pixie cut for wavy hair with short, gentle waves that add playfulness to the whole look. Gently apply a mousse on your hair and using fingers tousle your hair a bit. Curling iron and a good brush can also get you these gentle locks. Aren’t they cute?


4. Pixie for Thick Hair

pixie for thick wavy hair

Thick hair can be challenging to subdue, but it’s definitely possible. Medium to longer pixie haircuts is ideal for thick wavy hair. Why? Hair gets more definition and structure, retains volume, and avoids puffiness.


5. Pixie with Long Bangs

Wavy Pixie with Long Bangs

Bangs and pixie are a perfect match regardless of whether your hair is straight or wavy and curly. For example, an easy way to style this cut is to leave bangs longer to give your pixie more volume, texture, and a whole new dimension.


6. Pink Pixie

pink wavy pixie cut

Love to experiment with your hair and you’re not afraid of trying out different hair colors? Then, what about pink? Wavy pink hair styled in pixie is both feminine and edgy. It’s powerful yet tame. Gentle waves give this style more volume and layers.

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7. Ultrashort Pixie with Waves

short pixie with waves

Pixie cut for wavy hair doesn’t have to be long or mid-length; it can also be short. In fact, this is a great style for women with fine hair as it gives you more volume and playfulness. Let’s not forget how easy it is to style this haircut and make sure it looks perfect at all times.


FAQs on Pixie Cuts for Wavy Hair

Q. Long Pixie Or Short Pixie Which One Suits with Wavy Hair?

Ans: Both long and short pixie suit wavy hair, but it all comes down to the effect you want to achieve. Shorter pixie cut for wavy hair is ideal for women with thin hair as it gives you more volume and bounce but also keeps hair structured. Longer pixie is perfect for voluminous styles and also works well with undercuts and shaved sides.


Q. Can You Try Wavy Pixie with Bangs?

Ans: Yes, of course. For instance, you can opt for longer bangs that you can gentle sweep aside for an asymmetrical look. Bangs are versatile and frame your face perfectly.


Pixie cut for wavy hair is one of the cutest hairstyles you can try. This article posted seven amazing ideas to use as an inspiration. If you’re looking for a versatile hairstyle that you can adapt to any mood or occasion, then this is the one.