Virgo: What Your Horoscope 2013 Says

(August 23 – September 23)

General Predictions for 2013

Love Life

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This year, your love life could reach a new high. All the conflicts with your loved ones are likely to fade away. Those, already in a relationship, would settle down, soon. Married couples will spend a quality time with each other.


You might have to face an unfavourable phase in your career for some time, but as the year progress, things will go smooth. Your relationship with your colleagues and superiors will be splendid. Borrowing and lending of money may put you in unwanted troubles. Job-seekers would get excellent job offers.


You will feel more energetic. Except some minor seasonal ailments, your overall mental and physical health will remain good. You may experience a gastric problem or joints pain in the mid of the year. Do pranayam or yoga to remain hale and hearty.

Domestic and Home Life

You are likely to purchase a new house or renovate an old house. The atmosphere of your home will remain cheerful. Be patient while dealing with youngsters. Keep an eye on teens activities and be a good friend to them. Unexpected guests may visit your house.

Lucky Number– 22
Lucky Months– August and December
Lucky Colour– Dark Slate Grey

Month wise Horoscope 2013


Bright career opportunities are coming your way. You are likely to gain financial gain. Maintain an optimistic approach and a healthy lifestyle to remain hale and hearty. Married couples are advised to respect the dignity of each other, in order to avoid marital conflicts. Business prospects are not much favourable.
Lucky Colour– Cream
Lucky Number– 7


Admit your love, don’t afraid of consequences. In order to keep your finances stable, cut back on your expenses. A promising business deal is likely to knock your door. Maintain high safety measures in your home. Your social life is more active. Health will remain delicate.
Lucky Colour– Forest Green
Lucky Number– 17


Consciousness towards career will bring you in good results. Your income is likely to increase, but at the same time your expenses would also rise. A happening domestic life is predicted. A close one of you could give you a big surprise. No serious health problems are foreseen.
Lucky Colour– Light Grey
Lucky Number– 11


You can improve your financial situation by saving money. You may go on an office trip. Personal and professional life will remain satisfactory. Your spouse would be more generous with you. Health is good.
Lucky Colour– Chocolate
Lucky Number– 15


Don’t be lazy; complete the pending tasks at work soon. In monetary terms, no issues are predicted. You are likely to get huge profits from a property deal. There may be some conflicts between you and your spouse. Students need to work hard to crack the competition. Bring changes in your health resume and maintain regular workouts.
Lucky Colour– Yellow
Lucky Number– 9


Your career will incur several changes which will make you happy. Your ideas will be appreciated by your superiors. It’s a good time to renovate your house. In your personal life, things will go your way. Love life is satisfactory. Finances are good. Don’t ignore a social obligation.
Lucky Colour– Violet
Lucky Number– 17


Shake-up in your professional life is predicted. Be careful while handling an important task at your work. You will remain inclined towards spiritual activities. Adopt a flexible approach, to deal with family matters. Health will be much better than the previous month.
Lucky Colour– Silver
Lucky Number– 2


Workload, on the professional front, may stress you. Domestic life will remain harmonious and peaceful. Loving bonds with someone special is likely to strengthen. You could visit a fun place with your friends. Don’t ignore minor health problems.
Lucky Colour– Magenta
Lucky Number– 7


You might attain your career goals. The changes bring at home will be welcomed by all the family members. You may enjoy intimate moments with your loved one. Health will continue to remain delicate.
Lucky Colour– Yellow
Lucky Number– 2


On the professional front, you are on a way to get promotion .You may reap lucrative benefits from an old investment. You would easily attain short-term financial goals. Involve all the family members for making a major decision. An initiative to bring improvements in health will lead to good results.
Lucky Colour– White
Lucky Number– 9


Those, who are struggling for a career, are likely to face a favourable time. Don’t make major changes to your health regime or diet. Monetary problems will fade away soon. Be tactful while dealing a tense situation, on the domestic front. You will enjoy a good time during a trip.
Lucky Colour– Maroon
Lucky Number– 1


Job-seekers will get several lucrative job opportunities. A bright professional life is predicted, but your overconfidence may negatively impact it. You may enjoy a vacation at some exotic place. A satisfactory health is foreseen.
Lucky Colour– Bottle Green
Lucky Number– 5