Understand Karma To Make Life Better

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Karma is the concept of “action” or “deed” which brings forth the cycle of “cause and effect”. Everybody creates their own karma. Whatever we say, do and think shapes our future. And all that we’ve said, done and thought in the past has shaped our current reality. To understand the concept of Karma, one has to broaden the horizons of one’s understanding and take a deeper perspective of the idea “what goes around comes around”.

Also, karma is not restricted to one’s life and the planet. It is the result of the journey of one’s soul whose influence lasts over many lifetimes. It remains dormant during the stage of death and rebirth and is responsible for the circumstances of the persons’ birth, his nature and the diversity between all forms of life. The actions one takes during ones’ life determine his living during the next.

Good karma involves compassion, kindness, good intentions, benevolence and empathy. It shuns greed, desire, anger, hatred, rage, all that which bad karma embraces. According to Buddhism, bad karma is divided into ten acts-

  • Physical acts: Killing, stealing and sexual misconduct.
  • Verbal acts: Lying, flattery, defamation and duplicity.
  • Mental acts: Greed, anger and foolishness.

The chain of karma exists eternally. Some are heavy, the implication of which require more than one lifetime to be altered. Deliberately causing extreme agony to a person (eg. Causing death) results in a negative karma of a heavy kind and it is beyond the ordinary powers of an ordinary human being to overcome it. Such a grave misdeed is sure to determine the condition of life in the next birth.

To have a clearer understanding of this process, it would be appropriate to compare this cycle to that of a seed. Just like the seed grows and blossoms into a fruit or flower and after finishing its purpose, does not repeat the course, similarly, after one has extinguished the energy of the bad karma by bearing the consequences, it does not cause obstacles to one’s life any further. Let the suffering “blossom”, it will redeem you, unshackle you, release you.