15 of The Coolest Undercut Bob Haircuts for Women

Undercut bob cuts for women are one of the trendiest types of hairstyles in 2019. Typically, undercuts were considered a popular style for men only. But there are many women out there who are breaking the stereotypes and sporting the undercut look with ultimate ‘coolness.’

In an undercut hairstyle, one or both temple areas are either cut very short or shaven. The look can be used on short, medium, and even long hair. However, women usually prefer to go for undercut hairstyles in bob length, as they are easy to manage, playful, and of course – trendy.

In this guide, we have compiled some of the top undercut hairstyles for women of today. Take a look and talk to your salon professional if you are ready to make the bold move by going for a hair transformation.


Boldest Bob Haircuts with Undercuts

These following bold undercut bob hairstyles are eye-catching for all occasions.

1. Pixie Bob with Temple Undercut

pixie bob with temple undercut

When in doubt, go for the half undercut, half pixie haircut.  A short shaggy fine haircut on one side will also make the transition easy when you decide to grow your hair out. Play around with colors or opt for a two-tone dimensional highlight.


2. Two-Direction Haircut

undercut bob haircut

Confused about which way to go? Why not go both ways!

The two-direction undercut bob haircut for the bold women in you is parted diagonally with one side boasting long hair and the other – a shaved and even design.


3.  Textured Pixie Cut

textured pixie bob with undercut

Be creative and add a handful of choppy layers on the top of your undercut bob. This will not only add volume where you need it the most but also enhance the neatness of the undercut on the sides of your temples. Accentuate the shaven area by dying it a shade darker than your natural hair color.


4. Undercut for Short Curls with Bangs

curly undercut bob hair

Ask any women with curly hair and she will agree that her manes are difficult to tame. However, a curly bob with undercut can make the morning routine a breeze. Take a look at this cut where the curly bunch of hair is piled on the top with the undercuts sporting the sides.


5. Undercut with Design

undercut bob with design

Women with long undercut hairstyle can also choose to get freehand designs on the shaven part. Despite the edginess of the shaved area, the design will add a distinctive beauty to your overall undercut look.


6. The Bowl Cut

Remember the bowl cut that many mums forced on their young boys back in the 80s and 90s. Well, the women of today can rock the same, traditional bob haircut by integrating it with undercut designs around the edges and back.


7. The Mermaid Rage

Mermaid colored short hair is all in the rage right now especially amongst high school girls and women who are part of a creative profession. But instead of going for the long hair with variations in hues, opt for a short ‘mermaid-color’ undercut bob for a modern, yet tough look.


8. Short Angled Bob with Glimpse of Undercut

The undercut haircut does not have to be the star of the show. If you have straight hair, try the sleek bob with the undercut peeking out just when it has to.


9. Caramel Blonde Hair with Shaved Stripes

For a polished look, go for this hairstyle where the center part is slicked back while attractive strips of the undercut bob haircut adorn the sides. Highlight the overall effect by dying the hair a smoky shade of grey ombre.


10. Short Blonde Hair with Bangs

blonde undercut bob with bangs

A short bob hairstyle is never cut evenly. Go for this haircut where the long sections of hair are bordering the shaved undercut section. Enhance the look by dying your hair a subtle shade of blond with darker shade roots.


11. Mohawk with Shaved Sides

The undercut bob style is not limited to only the back or the sides of your scalp. Take it an extra mile by going for a Mohawk hairstyle that creates a bespoke chic look. You can also dye a stripe design on the undercut area if your haircut is very low.


12. Bold and Beautiful

Not ready to get rid of your long blond hair but still wish to sport the undercut look. Well, you can keep your contemporary blond locks and pair it with subtle shaved stripes on the sides for a perfect blend of sweet and spice.


13. Sea Siren Undercut

Create an oceanic hue in your hair by dying the shaven part in varied neon colors. Start from the basic yellow that fades into green and then blue for a sea-siren appeal. Women who don’t want to compromise their length but need the extra oomph to stand out can also adopt the undercut with short stacked bob with bangs look.


14. Short Inverted Bob with Undercut

asymmetrical undercut bob haircut

As the name implies, an asymmetrical undercut has one side that is long – around medium length while the other side is shaved. Since both the sides are opposite, this type of undercut hairstyle for women catches a lot of attention – and of course, interest. The look is ideal for women who are looking for undercut bob hairstyles that slim the face and make it appear more oval.


15. Short Tousled Bob

messy short undercut bob hair

Have crazy thick hair that is unmanageable? Simply shave off half of it and it will fall perfectly on the undercuts. And when it’s short, why not go for red! A bright, crimson color is the best way to highlight your messy short bob with undercut for a versatile look.


In the end, it’s up to you to choose the undercut bob haircut, color, and texture you prefer. Take the help of this guide and suggestions from your stylist alongside and change the haircut that best suits your hair, face, and personality. Add a dash of hair color and styling products and you will be all set to show the world a bolder, trendier and a ‘new’ you!