Types of Adoption : Good to Know Before you Adopt

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Considering adopting a child? Well, very nice decision! But, wait…..are you aware of different types of adoption? No… then you should be! Only then you will be able to explore the best option.

Generally, adoption can be categorized on different basis.


On the Basis of Adoption Agency

  • Public Agency Adoption

These agencies are regulated by the state. They, by and large, are a division of social services department. These agencies take care of abused, neglected and abandoned children. In this type of adoption, birth parents are not entailed in choosing adoptive parents. But, if you go for this type of adoption, you might have to linger for a long time for a desired child.

  • Private Agency Adoption

Social service associations or religious charitable trust set up these adoption agencies. In this type of adoption, birthmother selects the adoptive parents for her child. You may have to countenance little legal snags, if you adopt a child through a private agency.

  • Independent Adoption

In this type of adoption, the agency is not involved in the process of adoption. The adoptive parents get in touch with the birth parents either directly or through physician or attorney. You can receive unswerving information (personality traits, medical history, health, etc.) about biological parents, if you espouse a kid in this manner. Well, independent adoption is forbidden in most of the states.

On the Basis of Interaction Between Adoptive Parents and Birth Parents

  • Closed Adoption

In this type of adoption, you will have no chance to meet with the birthparents of the child. The birth mom capitulate her kid to the adoption agency. The court seals all the recognition records of the biological parents. The agency finds appropriate adoptive parents for the child. Nothing, except medical history of birth mom, is shared with you. Also, the biological mother will never come to know, who has adopted her kid.

  • Semi-open Adoption

Biological parents are empowered to select adoptive parents for their child. They are provided with a list (comprising of detailed information, except identification) of prospective adoptive parents. You can interact with the birth parents via emails or letters either directly or through adoption agency. Once you adopt a child, you are not entitled to contact with the biological parents.

  • Open Adoption

In this adoption, you can contact with the birth parents, before and after the adoption. Entire information (including medical history and identification) is shared between both the parties. You can also invite the biological parents in your family celebrations and gatherings.

On the Basis of Place from Where You are Going to Adopt a Child

  • Domestic Adoption

If you are adopting a child from your own country, it is termed as domestic adoption. You have to wait for a desirable child for a long time.

  • International Adoption

Adopting a child, who is born and resides outside your country, is known as international adoption. The wait for the child is relatively shorter. But, the process and paperwork, involved in this type of adoption may bother you.

Before going to adopt a kid, get detailed information about each type of adoption. It will help you in arriving at a right decision.