Tria Laser Hair Removal System – A Complete Review

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The Tria Hair Removal Laser allows you to remove hair from your face and body with the help of laser that can be used at home. It is the only FDA sanctioned hair removal laser with an advanced digital display that features the special Pulse Counter. It ensures accurate and complete coverage and delivers results post two treatments. Tria makes use of diode laser technology which is favored by dermatologists worldwide as it is effective, safe and gives permanent results.

Tria laser 4X helps you attain permanent results in less than 3 months. It targets the melanin present at the root of the hair follicle and disables it. It makes your skin silky, soft and smooth, and is more powerful than the rest of the “use at home devices” meant for hair removal.  It sets you from the ordeal of endless waxing and shaving rounds.

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The Packaging

The Laser comes in a hand held, sleek design. The handle is slim and sophisticated which makes handling and use very user friendly. It is available in six colors-

Green,  pink,  peony, turquoise,  lilac and graphite.

The Transition from the First to the Third Month

After you have completed two-three months with the treatment, you will notice that your hair is finer and lighter.

After three months, the laser treatment will deactivate your hair follicle, which no longer allows for further hair growth. It is suggested to use the product for touch ups when needed.

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How the Tria Hair Removal Laser Works

The Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X discharge a light, which is in uniformity with the efficacy and wavelength of the dermatologists. This light is absorbed by the dark colored pigment present in the hair and is used as heat. When the heat increases, it disables the follicle, thereby thwarting the hair’s re-growth.

A few weeks into the treatment, your hair may appear to be growing back, but don’t be mistaken because your hair is only sprouting out from your skin and falling.


How the Tria Hair Removal Laser is to be Used

The best thing is Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X helps you to get rid of all the hair in the privacy and comfort of your house. However, it is essential that you use the device in a correct manner which ensures optimum hair removal.

First turn the device on. Unlock it by making use of the skin sensor. Choose one of your comfort settings (there are five) and place the tip of the laser on your skin. The Tria Laser will make a beep. Now lift it from the surface of your skin and put it down again, this time about ¼ inches away. It should overlap the spot treated previously. The upgraded and advanced digital display of the Tria Laser 4X has a new Pulse Counter that provides a thorough coverage. Isn’t attaining permanent hair removal so much easier now?

The sensation that Tria Hair Removal Laser creates, varies from one person to another and the area of the body that you are treating. While some may feel a prickling warm sensation, others may feel like a rubber band has been snapped against their skin.


Other Things to be Kept in Mind

  • With the course of the treatment and as the amount of treated hair increases, the sensation caused by its use will decrease. Therefore, post the initial treatment, you will be able to use a greater level of treatment.
  • Sometimes, you may experience some redness on your treated body parts. But it usually goes away after or within a period of 24 hours.
  • Post the first treatment, you will not witness any visible change as laser doesn’t cause immediate hair fall out. But after the second treatment, you can see about 70% of drop in hair growth.
  • The hair which re-grows will lighten and get finer.
  • The product is designed for light to medium and medium to dark skin and may not work on red, blonde or grey hair.
  • Continue to use the product for touch ups.

Additional Product

The Tria Hair Removal Laser Smooth Start Calming Gel- This gel cools, comforts and preps the skin prior using the Tria Hair Removal Laser. It contains anti inflammatory properties which smooth the skin for treatments.


 User Reviews

We gathered these few helpful reviews and testimonials from happy customers of the very fabulous Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X. Read more to know what these women had to say-

  • “A do it yourself luxury- Love this tool! I use to get the medical spa laser hair removal and now that I’ve moved I can’t go to that spa any longer… I can’t stand new spas by they test the limits of my skin and tend to burn me before getting it right! With my own laser I can gradually attain my results without having to stretch my toleration to the limit! Great way to go do people without the money to waste on bad treatments.”

By ALadyBentley 

  • “Greatest invention ever- I’ve only used this twice and I can already see and feel a difference. The hair has already started to thin and lighten and I feel that I don’t need to use it too often. My biggest fear was that it would irritate my super sensitive, acne probe skin. But I have had no problems with that at all! So far I love this and highly believe it is well worth the price!”


  • “I was very skeptical about purchasing the Tria but I am so pleasantly surprised with the results. I started out with the lowest level, and even with that I saw some results. When I bumped it up to level 4, wow! The results were amazing! I’ve tried waxing and the continued cost, upkeep and pain had me looking for an alternative. Laser hair removals locally is very expensive and forget razors, so now I am happy I have Tria that does an excellent job!”

By Carrie

We hope that the above product description satisfies you and fulfills all your queries regarding the Tria Hair Removal Laser System. Say good bye to shaving and waxing. You are now a happy hairless woman!

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