Trending: Crazy, Quirky Sari Prints!

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We’ve worn saris with all- floral designs, intricate detailing, embroidery, gem work, sequins, and what not! But, the printed saris are the new trend! Light, modern and easy to wear…The fun patterns have a personality that is charming and stands out of the crowd!

Many top designers have embraced this pattern- Kallol Datta works with magnified bones; Yogesh Chaudhury’s Surendi draws inspiration from Pac Man; Arativijay Gupta brings out sleek lines; Masaba Gupta goes chic with the shutterbug fever, and Playclan depicts tribal India.

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Aparna Chandra- a stylist and woven sari enthusiast, offers the right piece of advice- “When wearing a woven sari, don’t wear the matching blouse piece. Choose a woven piece that contrasts either in colour, or motif.” Mandira Bedi imparts another tip; she says that one must have two blouses for every sari- one contemporary and one traditional.

Since the sari has reinvented itself enormously over the years, an ordinary petticoat won’t suffice. Masaba Gupta uses palazzo pants and skirts as her petticoat, for a twist. Further she states, “The sari is an iconic style, but it can be draped in so many ways that you can have fun with it.” She suggests making the petticoat, central to your outfit; gossamer saris can be teamed with a printed, vibrant skirt (to be used as the petticoat), which can be one of the most amazing incarnations of the sheer trend, this season.

The sari, which has had various versions, is adopted as the most versatile attire all over the world, in 21st century. Designer Nida Mahmood quotes, “It’s about giving it relevance for today’s lifestyle” (and she pairs her own with a pair of denims).

All, Sonam Kapoor, Bipasha Basu, and Vidya Balan have been spotted in the trend, and from this, what we see and gauge is the sari 2.0 is here to stay!

Sonam kapoor



Colorwheel Saree by Aarti Vijay Gupta


Kallol Dutta- short top over half sari


Satya Paul


Masaba Gupta


Bipasha Basu