Top 8 Tested Home Made Remedies for Damaged Hair

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There is nothing more annoying than having a bunch of dry, crazy, and dull hair. And on the top, it seems maddening to spend countless amount of cash on the stuff that you have never heard off. Fortunately, I have incorporated some of the best and cheap hair treatments, for people who have damaged hair.  Try out these natural hair remedies that will leave your hair healthy and lush again.

1. Olive/Mayo/Egg


You have probably heard of the egg treatment before, but did you know mayo and olive oil also make a good hair mask. Combine half cup of olive oil, 3 egg yolks, and two Tbsps of mayo. Apply it to all over your hair and scalp. Wash off after 20 minutes. But do not shampoo. Share the mask with your friend if you find it boring to apply all alone.

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2. Avocados and Banana Treatment


When you see a ripe banana on your fruit tray, what do you do? Well! I am sure all of us throw them off. But this time, do not throw them! Coz I have figured out the right way to use them. Mix an avocado and a Tsp of olive oil, along with a mushy banana. Leave this mixture for twenty minutes and rinse off. You will have shiny and glossy hair in no time!

3. Honey Treatment


Honey for hair! Are you shocked? Yes! Honey is the best ingredient for hair. Take half cup of honey and massage gently on your scalp.  You may find it sticky to apply, but once you apply you will see the benefits of this sweetening agent.

4. Banana, Avocado and Yogurt Treatment


The bananas and avocados are back! Combine a Tbsp of curd, half banana, and one fourth avocado in a bowl. Apply and rinse after twenty minutes. And, if you are hungry, you can always eat the leftover avocado and banana while you are in the spa session.

5. Beer Treatment


Beer for hair! Are you ready? Yes, beer is a detangling agent for dry and frizzy hair. Beer has all the essential properties that make a good hair treatment. Once a week, save your pocket money for a bottle of beer (only for hair), and pour it over your hair. I am sure your boyfriend will love your beer dunked hair.

6. Coconut Treatment


The multipurpose IT oil (coz it is found everywhere) can do wonders to your damaged hair if used religiously. Take two tablespoons of coconut oil and heat. But do not apply it too hot. Add an egg and mix well. Apply it to all over your scalp. Cover your scalp with a shower cap. Leave this mixture for thirty minutes and wash off.

7. Olive Oil/ Cucumber and Egg Treatment


No, I am not talking about a salad here, but trust me this is an extraordinary hair remedy for dry and dull hair. Blend an egg with a Tbsp of oil and a cucumber. Massage this mixture right into the hair and wash off after ten minutes. Feel your silky tresses as your hair gets dried.

8. One Ingredient Treatment


In most of the remedies, I have combined more than one ingredient, but if you don’t want to deal with multiple ingredients, simply use a mashed avocado. Apply this mixture for ten minutes, and rinse off. Discover your shiny tresses, in no time!

Which of the treatment worked well for you? Do tell!

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