Top 8 Disloyal Men’s Brigade in Bollywood

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Bollywood is a place where nothing remains stable and forever. Relationships are also unstable and full of infidelity. Some actors are the biggest infidels of the film industry.  Shahrukh Khan was one of the loyal hubby, until the day his alleged affair with Piggy Chops became public. Some Bollywood actors find love, marriage and relationships as flaky institution. Here are all those actors, who have always been in the news because of their disloyal behaviours towards their committed partners.

1.   Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar

If you believe in rumours and speculations, then one can say that Akshay Kumar is the King of the Infidelity, or may be the God of Infidelity. He has been in relationship with several women of the industry, and almost everyone accused him of doing wrong with them. Even after tying the knot with Twinkle Khanna, he couldn’t control his Casanova behaviour. There had been rumours that Twinkle slapped him in the lobby of a hotel. He was caught red-handed with some actress. I wonder how Twinkle can manage with such a man.

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2.   Ranbir Kapoor


He is the most eligible bachelor of Bollywood, and the girls are undoubtedly crazy for this Casanova guy. Deepika, who used be Ranbir’s ladylove few years back, accused him of cheating on her. She gave several hints for the same in her interviews, without taking any names though. But come on, we aren’t fools! We do understand whom she was referring to. Well, Ranbir himself has admitted that he dated 2-3 females simultaneously. Despite of all these accusations, he still is unapologetic citing his bachelor status and enjoying his liberty to do whatever he pleases.

3.   Saif Ali Khan


When Saif decided to get married to Amrita Singh, a woman older than him, his parents were against their marriage. He still went against their wish and married Amrita. They were happy together, until Saif started dating a younger woman- Rosa. He split with Amrita to be with Rosa, and then he split with Rosa too. He came in a steady and serious relationship with Kareena Kapoor, stayed together for 5 years, and recently they got married.  Now we hope that he remains loyal to Bebo.

4.   John Abraham


Of course, we all are aware of the relationship between John and her ladylove- Bipasha Basu, which lasted for 10 long years. But as a revealing shock few years back, these two love birds parted ways after their long and steady relationship. Everybody tried to predict the real reason behind their break up, reciprocating to which Bips indirectly tweeted several times that infidelity was the only reason for their break up. There were several reports that John was always ready to score with wannabe starlets and models, even when he was in a committed relationship with Bipasha.

5.   Amir Khan


Mr. Perfectionist, who is known for credibility, wasn’t left uncaught by this bug of infidelity. There are rumours that he had an alleged affair, and also have an illegitimate child whom he still supports. This was not the end of Amir Khan’s infidelity. He started seeing Kiran Rao, who was the Assistant Director of ‘Lagaan’. He divorced his wife and married Kiran, and now they had a baby boy recently. We hope that he won’t fall for some other women again.

6.   Hrithik Roshan


The Greek God Hrithik Roshan got married to his childhood friend Suzanne, and everything was hunky dory, until the rumours of him dating with Barbara Mori- his co-star in ‘Kites’ became public. He refused the fact, but when Suzanne left his house, the rumours added fuel to the fire. After the film’s failure, everything came back to normal. But reports of Suzanne taking drugs to escape his infidelity didn’t go unnoticed.

7.   Govinda


Govinda is married and is famous for having affairs with the B-town ladies. One of the most famous among the rest was with actress Rani Mukherjee. However, both of them denied the link up, but everybody knew the truth. Rumour has it that Rani got pregnant with his child, but aborted, as Govinda was not ready to leave his wife. After this big alleged affair, Govinda tried staying away from women.

8.   Amitabh Bachchan


Big-B now holds a pristine image, but it was not the same in his hey days. He had an alleged affair with Rekha, even though he was married to Jaya Bhaduri. There were even rumours once that Amitabh might part with Jaya to be with Rekha. His affair with Rekha was the most exaggerated one. Besides Rekha, there were speculations that he had link ups with Parveen Babi and Zeenat Aman too.