Top 8 Asthma Triggers and Ways to Shun Them


Asthmatic people have sensitive nasal passage. Certain allergens can trigger asthma or exacerbate the existing symptoms. Here, we have  8 allergens that can actuate asthma, and some ways to keep them away from society.

1. Smoke

Smoking Kills

Smoke from a cigar, pipe, or cigarette may trigger asthma. Smoke exhaled by other smokers might also cause asthma. Infants, when open to the smoke, quickly develop this allergy. Say “NO” to smoking. Do not use wood-burning stoves.

2. Pets


Do you love cats and dogs? Do you know that the fur, urine and saliva of your pets may trigger asthma attacks? Hence, keep the pets outside, and don’t let them enter your bedroom. Bathe them weekly. Trim their fur. After petting them, wash your hands.

3. Mold


Mold grows in damp and humid places. Inhaling the air with molds might result in asthma. Keep the moisture of your home under 50%. Fix water leaks. Clean your house regularly. In case, you have severe asthma, keep the flower pots outdoor.

4. Dust Mites


Most of the people demonstrate allergic sensitivity to dust mites. These organisms live in fabric-covered furniture, bed linens, stuffed toys, mattresses and carpets. To keep dust mites away from your house, wash blankets and sheets in hot water weekly. In order to clean the house, use HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner. Cover pillows and mattresses with zipped dust-proof covers.

5. Cold Air


Cold air can tighten nasal passage, thereby resulting  difficulty in breathing. Cover your mouth and nose with a scarf, whenever you go outside in winters.

6. Air Fresheners


No doubt, they smell sweet, but air-fresheners can give rise to respiratory problems. These fragrance products contain volatile organic compounds (like, esters, formaldehyde, limonene, etc.). Exposure to these compounds can augment the risk of asthma. Products having strong odor, like paints, perfumes, scented lotions and hair sprays also lead to asthma.

7. Air Pollution


Automobile exhaust and industrial emissions make the quality of air poor. Air pollution has increased the number of asthmatic patients. Cover your face when you go outside.

8. Mice and Cockroaches


You can find rodents in the trash and empty dishes. The dead body parts  of cockroaches and mice may cause asthma. Don’t leave food crumbs and empty the trash regularly. Use gels or roach traps to reduce the number of rodents.

Hope the above tips will help you to shirk asthma.