Top 7 Tricks to Say No to Desserts

After going to London, my fondness for candy’s and desserts has increased incredibly (thanks to the holiday feasting season “Halloween”). Halloween unofficially denotes the starting of the holidaying feasting season. For anyone who is trying to look over his/her weight is a tuff job. Now, I realised that the scariest element of the Halloween is not the goblins and ghosts but the sugar coated candies.  I have been gorging on these candies for the past one month, and now I am not able to shed a single pound. I work out daily, but I cannot stay away from muffins, doughnuts and soufflés. There isn’t any doubt that we love desserts but at the other hand we pile up extra kilos too. So, if you also have a sweet tooth (like me). Here are some tips to stay away from sweets.

1. Empty Your Shelf

If you don’t have cupcakes or cookies on your shelf, you aren’t going to hog on them, right? Secondly, when you visit the grocery store next time, miss out cupcakes and muffins.

2. Kill That 9 PM Itch

“I am too full to relish my dessert today”. So, naturally your fondness for desserts will come to an end. Eat plenty of green leafy vegetables and dals to kill you urge.

3. Wait For Twenty Minutes

It takes about twenty minutes for our brain to realise that our stomach is full so, instead of gorging straight on an apple pie, wait for some time. You already might have filled up on beans and legumes.

4. Count On Your Portions

It’s not what you eat but how much you eat. Don’t hog on the entire chocolate cake. Learn your calorie; it is the key to kill your sweet tooth. A dessert serving has to be small; you don’t have to dive in a whole tub of pudding.

5. Skip The Drink

Say no to your mocha, whipped cream or the hot chocolate milk after the dinner. Some drinks contain similar calories almost like a burger with extra cheese. It’s not about saying no to desserts this time, it’s all about drinks.

6. Share It

Do you have a dieting friend? Is it difficult for her to resist on sweets too? Feel free to go for a small bite of dessert (like a dark chocolate or a fruit bar). Just three bites each (that’s plenty). Make sure that you share it.

7. Schedule Your Menu

Let us face it! I know how difficult it is to say no to sweets. Have them once in a while. Include them in your menu twice a week. Treat yourself with your favourite pie on weekends. Have fun!

 Hopefully, you are already wondering whom to share your fruit bar with? Well you can always share them with me (the…original Sweet tooth gal). But, do share your ideas if you have any “to say no to desserts”. Please do!