Top 7 Mantras for Online Dating

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I met a guy while surfing on facebook, to whom I found cute, snugly, and a jelly bear. I indeed should say that I have sensed; he is my Mr. Right. I felt like,  I am living in a dream world. But suddenly, the dream got shattered by his annoying change in behaviour. He started getting over my nerves… Well, this is a very common scenario these days as online dating has become a trend.


Here, boys always want sex, and girls seek attention. Read on to see the dos and don’ts of online dating.

Let’s take an example of one of the most popular websites among the youngsters i.e. ‘Facebook’; it has become a forum for dating, or hitting on others, in their own creepy vision.

1. Don’t Spend Your Day And Nights on Facebook

Guys! What do you think while sitting on facebook, whole day? Do you live with a notion that it will make you cool? No, it rather shows that you are busy with nothing, and just indulged in chipping in others life. Do some work and don’t kill your time in adding random chicks.

2. Do Not Steal Someone’s Friend

You already have a lot of friends in your list; still you want to add random people from others list…Very bad guys! It gives a wrong impression altogether. Sometimes, people start dating and here begins the countdown of adding his or her friends, without even knowing them personally, which in turn, will make you such a desperate and annoying person.

3. Stop Indulging In Arguments

Sometimes, couples just start dating, and all of a sudden the ‘Romeo and Juliet’ become cats and dogs. They start posting unusual posts on each other’s walls. You jerk…You bitch…You creep…You are one irritating coward… And things go on and on.  These unnecessary arguments have, neither any meaning for other people, nor anyone will involve in it. It’s good to avoid it.

4. Stop Discussing Your Life History

Today I have decided to break up with my girl. She is an insane person. Yesterday, we kissed, and I am missing her to embrace. My boss is an irritating ass, feel like to kill him. My best friend is going out with my ex, how he could do that… And the blah! I just don’t get the idea; why people discuss such things publicly. People, who are acting in this way, should kindly stop this nuisance right from the moment.

5. Consult Before Changing Your Status

Today I met a guy, and after a week, what I get to know is, his relationship status is committed with me… OMG… I feel like to kill him.”

Never change your relationship status, or update anything like that, without consulting the other person.

6 Avoid Gushing

Girls… It’s for you!

He is soo adoring… OMG! He is sooo cute… He is looking like a cherry on the cake; I wish I could eat”

Can you girls stop these cloying, sugary, and cutesy talks? You can discuss these things off the wall too.

7. Keep It Neat And Clean

To keep your image clean, you need to keep your profile neat. : P Well, I am not kidding. Please, stop showing off or posting redundant things, adding random people (chicks), or tagging people on surplus post or pictures. It doesn’t put you on limelight. It indeed makes you a ‘vela’ and infuriating human.