Top 6 Habits that will Spoil Your Looks

We make our habits and our habits make us. It affects our lives what we repeatedly do. Sometimes, we are fairly able to identify some of our bad habits, those can damage our smart looks, but we ignore them and end up with taking a toll on our appearance. Let’s take a glance on what all they are:

Habbit#1 Harmful UV rays of Sun


Are you bullet proof? No, you aren’t. Over-exposure to Ultraviolet (UV) light or rays has both acute and chronic effects on the skin. Acute effects are short-term, and cause tanning (skin darkening) and sunburn (erythema). Its chronic effects are more harmful and serious, causing damage to the eyes, premature skin-aging, skin cancer, and inhibition of the immune system.

Therefore, protect your skin from deteriorating effects of solar radiation, by applying a good sunscreen lotion or sun-block, at least 25-30 minutes before you step out, and enjoy wrinkle free, fair, and glowing skin.

Habbit#2 Bathing Soaps


Are soaps really bad for skin? Many of you are not aware of the damages that soaps do to the skin. Soaps may give you fairer look, and fade acne spots, sun damage, freckles, and even age marks, but at the same time, they produce detrimental side-effects on your skin.

Soaps are salt, having an alkaline nature with a pH between 9 and 10, whereas, the pH of our skin is between 4.5 and 5.8 (acidic in nature).  So, when you apply soap on your skin, it raises the pH of skin, thus harming it. Soaps enhance the dryness of dry skin, making it more prone to aging and wrinkles. On the other hand, repetitive washing of oily skin, with soap, leads to rebound oiliness, means producing even more oil to make up. In short, soaps disturb the balance of oil and moisture of your skin.

Applying a face-cream, after soap wash, also doesn’t help because it drains the moisture of skin completely. Hence, a gentle face –wash and body- wash should be your pick, to maintain the glow of your skin.

Habbit#3 Bacteria loaded Mobile Phones


Do you know your mobile phones carry more germs than a toilet- seat? But do you clean them? When did you clean your mobile phone last time?

Since we associate bathrooms and toilets with germs, we tend to get them cleaned regularly. But like cell-phones, some commonly handled gadgets are left out of the cleaning practice. Most of us, probably hesitate to clean them because it is an electronic device.

You are in constant touch with your phones – you carry them in public bathrooms, place on restaurant tables, leave them in a car, allow others to use, and what not. They pick up bacteria all the time. The problem is that they are unhygienic and dirty, and you still use them close to your mouth and face. Have you ever imagined the amount of germs that is transferred to your face every time you talk on phone? Hence, blemishes, spots, and skin infections are bound to take a toll on your facial skin.

Clean your mobile phones regularly with anti-bacterial wipes. Don’t place them here and there, and always keep them in their case.

Habbit#4 Hair Dandruff


Dandruff causes itching in the scalp, and when you use your fingers to scratch your itchy scalp, white flakes of dandruff fall on your face too. As a result, you suffer from skin infection. It is a big trouble if you’re an oily skinned.

So, make your hair dandruff free or get it controlled before it “down-stream” on your face and worsen the skin problem further. Use a good, medicated or organic dandruff shampoo, to get rid of dandruff. Also, make a point that do not touch your face with the fingers you scratched your itchy scalp.

Habbit#5 Smoking


Does smoking cause wrinkles? Is that really true? You would probably say, “RUBBISH”.  A bitter truth for smokers, but yes, it does.  Smoking fasten up the normal process of skin-aging, thus contributes to wrinkles on the face. The early damages that smoking cause to skin is hard to see in the early days of smoking. They usually begin to appear after a prolonged, continuous smoking of about 10 years. The more you smoke the more wrinkles and lines on your face you are likely to develop. Make wrinkle –free skin. Keep your motivation high and quit smoking completely, if you are addicted of it.

Habbit#6 Sleeping on Stomach


 Does sleeping on stomach and on your side actually cause wrinkles? You’ve heard the right, it does cause. When you sleep on your stomach, your face is pressed into the pillow or cushion and experiences a lot of contortions. This pressure gradually turns into wrinkles after years.

Sleeping on back helps! It is probably uncomfortable for you to have a blissful sleep on back. But for wrinkle-less skin, I’m sure you’d learn to adapt. Also, ensure your bedding is soft and pillowcase has a high thread fills. This ensures restful sleep and avoids your facial skin to look drooped during waking hours.

What else you could do to avoid skin-roughness is moisturizing your face before hitting the bed.  Apply moisturizer right after washing your face.

Liberate yourself from these habits and enjoy prolonged youthfulness.