Top 5 Ways to Brighten Your Underarm

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Do you carve for toned and fair underarms just like the rest of your body? Feel embarrassed to wear your sleeveless tops just because you have dark underarms? Dark armpits have been a major battle for women since ages. All we can do is wax, shave or use a hair removal cream… but the continuous usage of these methods will result in darkening the underarms.  Well, don’t ruin your dreams of wearing a sleeveless tee in summers anymore… because I have got some home remedies for you that will lighten and brighten up your underarms.

1. Wash Away

Make it a point to wash your armpits daily with water and soap. The dirt gets accumulated which cause the armpit to darken and look ugly. Make it a point to wash and clean them every day.

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2. Say No to Deos

I am sure you are going to hate me for this!! Well, if you frequently use deo’s and perfumes you will defiantly going to have dark underarms. However, you can still use some good quality deos which are branded and trusted.

3. Say No to Tight Clothes

Wearing tight clothes results in excessive sweat absorption and irritation. Friction from tight clothes causes skin to hurt and eventually darken. Wear loose cotton fabrics so that your armpits aren’t wrapped up in sweat and moisture.

4. Try Using Lemon

Lemons are so useful and versatile… it will surely help you lighten up your underarms. Try using cucumbers too along with lemon juice as they work wonders on uneven skin tone.

5. Skip Shaving

Shaving is the major cause which makes your underarm look darker. Please, don’t make shaving as a part of your daily under arm care routine. Opt for laser treatment or waxing for hair removal treatments. So Next time when you are going for a date with your man, put off all your hesitation and… go sleeveless!