Top 5 Unhealthy Desserts that You Must Avoid

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A meal is considered incomplete without a dessert. But, do you know that the delightful and delicious desserts that you enjoy, they could actually harm your health. High calorie content and too much sugar in them pose risk to health, leading to many diseases.

Some desserts are more harmful to health in comparison to others. We list down such desserts that are threat to your healthy lifestyle-

1.  Ice Creams


You love and enjoy eating ice –creams. It is the most obvious choice as a dessert by you. However, you will be surprised to know how this mouth-watering delicious dessert is health damaging. It is burdened with artificial sugar, harmful chemicals to keep it fresh for a longer duration, colouring agent, saturated fat, and artificial agents. This high- calories dessert leads to obesity, diabetes, blood pressure, hardening of arteries and more.

2.  Doughnuts


Doughnuts are very unhealthy, desserts regardless of what kind (glaze, sprinkled or plain) of doughnut you prefer. It is loaded with huge calories as it is prepared using sugar, flour, and deep fried in cooking oil.  When you consume doughnuts, you consume a lot of trans and saturated fat, which ultimately raises the cholesterol level in blood. Moreover, these yum doughnuts are a diet disaster as they satisfy hunger only for a while.

3.  Fried Deserts


Plenty of calories and unhealthy ingredients, in fried desserts, make them evil dessert to eat. Their batter contains a high amount of sugar and fat, then fried deep in oil. Now, you can imagine how destructive and nutrition- less dessert it is for your health.

4.  Packaged Baked Foods


All kinds of packaged foods, whether it is biscuits, cakes or cookies, are extremely unhealthy to eat. The fats used in packaged foods are chemically modified (partially hydrogenated), in order to increase their shelf life. Moreover, a host of additives: corn syrup, artificial colours and flavours, preservatives are used in them, which makes them dangerous for your health. If it is hard for you to control craving for packaged baked foods, then buy one without hydrogenated fats ingredients.

5.  Muffins


Muffins are definitely popular, but not healthy choice for dessert or sometimes for breakfast. Loads of sugar and butter is used to prepare them. If you’re a weight watcher, then muffins are not for you. You may find a wide variety of muffins, offering diverse flavours and even with a label of ‘LOW FAT’, but to tell you, they aren’t. Fats are main ingredient in them, with loads of fructose corn syrup that raises calorie content in body. So, yummy muffins are unhealthy option to eat.

However, you can include these yummy desserts in your healthy lifestyle, if served occasionally and eaten in small quantity after a nourishing, healthful meal.