Top 5 Healthy Indian Breakfast Recipes: Complete Nourishment for Your Health!

Breakfast is the most essential meal of the day, not in our country only, but across the world. However, we Indians usually like sticking to our typical foodstuff and meals, as it has got settled in us so much that we even cannot think our day to go ahead without having them. Having oily, fatty, and sugary breakfast on a daily basis, makes us lazy and increases the cholesterol level in our body, which, in fact, is not a good sign of a healthy meal. 

Therefore, keeping all the essential diet parameters together, with the taste into our consideration, we have brought you the top five healthy Indian breakfast dishes that are not only highly rich in nutrients, but filling and appetizing, as well. The given meals are ‘Morning Magic’ that also helps in weight loss, making the tummy flat, and keeping you away from many fat-oriented diseases. The rich nutrient contents of given recipes also helps in boosting the health of your growing child, by providing all the essential nutrition.

These recipes are quick to make. Check the recipes below:

1.  Methi Atta Thepla with Curd


Read recipe here: Methi Atta Thepla with Curd

2. Oats Museli


Read recipe here: Oats Museli

3. Namkeen Dalia


Read recipe here: Namkeen Dalia

4. Fruit Punch


Read recipe here: Fruit Punch

5. Indian Omelette


Read recipe here: Indian Omelette

Rich in nutrition and delicious in taste, the given recipes are just a perfect ensemble of diets, to satisfy your cravings deeply. Enjoy the breakfast and stay fit.

Feminiya wishes you a healthy eating!