Top 5 Healthy Foods for Fast to Keep Up the Energy Whole Day

While being adherent to the Fasting practices, our heart sometimes tempts for something more appetizing. Nonetheless, we want to fill your empty stomachs with dishes that are not only tempting, but also keep your energy level higher throughout the day. So, without breaking any fasting rules, Feminiya shares with you the top 5 most popular Indian cuisines, which are equally delicious and healthful.

Try these yummy recipes that have been on top in the wish list of those who fast religiously:

1. Kuttu/Singhare ki Kachori


Read recipe here: Kuttu/Singhare ki Kachori

2. Kaju Ki Chikki (Cashew Brittle)


Read recipe here: Kaju Ki Chikki (Cashew Brittle)

3. Aloo-Singhada Dahi Vada


Read recipe here: Aloo-Singhada Dahi Vada

4. Samvat Rice Kheer


Read recipe here: Samvat Rice Kheer

5. Samak Ke Chaawal Ki Khichadi


Read recipe here: Samak Ke Chaawal Ki Khichadi

The given recipes take care of the nutritional criteria, which is required on these auspicious days. So, prepare these tasty appetizers with the given detailed instructions, and enjoy the delicacy!