Top 5 Health Food Combinations

Combination 1

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Olive oil and tomatoes


Tomatoes are packed with goodness of Vitamin C and Lycopene. In addition to this, they are powerful antioxidants. Overall tomatoes are filled with health properties. Lycopene is a powerful element as it keeps away from all kinds of cancer, aging and heart diseases. Olive oil, on the other hand, is the healthiest fatty oil. It is also good for your heart and brain. When both these ingredients are combined, it benefits your health and much more!

Combination 2

Bananas, oatmeal’s and almonds


This combo is not only healthy but tasty too! Oatmeal provides with a range of health goodies like prevention from breast cancer, low levels of cholesterol, and it curbs diabetes too. Bananas are a rich source of dietary fibre and promote a healthy digestion. Bananas also keep your bones strong. Almonds maintain your cholesterol level. We know the fact that almonds are great for your skin and heart too.

Combination 3

Dark chocolate and organic apples


Well, we are familiar with the goodness of apples (thanks to the slogan “an apple a day keeps a doctor away”). The more health benefits of apples are strong bones, strong gums and reduces diabetes and much more! Dark chocolate… Dark horse of nutrition promotes your health in an innumerable number of ways. So, all you need to do is melt some dark chocolates on apple slices. Enjoy this irresistible combination.

Combination 4

Tomatoes and avocados



Tomatoes on the list once again… But this time, it’s combined with super food Avocadoes! I have already penned down the health benefits of tomatoes. Additionally, the benefits of avocadoes include prevention from cancer and heart attack, and control the cholesterol level and much more!

Combination 5

Hummus and carrots


Hummus and carrots make a tasty, fulfilling, and powerful food combination. Hummus is a rich of protein made with a blend of olive oil. It’s a great combination eaten with a variety of snacks. Put in some celery sticks… It will add tons of nutrition to your meal. Whereas, carrots are rich sources of Vitamin A. Apart from this, they are good for your skin, hair and teeth… Just to name a few goodies!

So, it’s not always paav-bhaaji and chole bahture on the menu… There are times when you have to snack healthy, to live a healthy and happy life.

What’s your combo meal for the day? Do tell!!