Top 20 Travel Blogs Helpful to Avid Travelers

You can experience the complete fun of traveling different places by collecting the information prior to the visit. But it will be time taking if you collect the information individually, delaying your trip. If you are a travel lover and don’t want to waste any time in searching the information, then these top 20 travel blogs enlighten you about the visiting places, easing your voyage.

1. Nomadic Matt

Top Travel Blog 1

It is one of the best blogs helpful for the travel fanatics, who want to explore the destinations in the regions of America, Europe, South East Asia, and the Caribbean. This blog allows the globetrotters to refine their search by letting them choose the country or place; they want to visit. A brief information about the places along with the complete list of attractions to be visited, accommodation to stay, food to prefer, transportation availability, activities to be done and some tips are listed out on this blog. This blog has been listed as the number one travel blog for the second quarter of 2015.

2. Pinoy Adventurista

Top Travel Blog 2

Planning to visit the Philippines? Go through Pinoy Adventurista travel blog to know the top places to be visited and how to reach the specific destination. The blogger has explored almost 81 provinces of the Philippines, and has included details of accommodation and other travel guidelines. The unique part of this blog is additional information (news and events) which keeps the travelers updated.

3. Adventurous Kate

Top Travel Blog 3

The third travel blog I would like to add to this list is Adventurous Kate, which is one of the best travel blogs describing almost all the destinations around Europe, Africa, Middle East, South Asia, East Asia, North America, Central America, South America, Australia, South East Asia, and the Pacific. The best part of this blog is that the blogger has maintained the separate blogs for every tourist spot. If you are an avid traveler and want to explore any of these regions, take a glance at this blog for making your travel awesome. I think this is the must visit blog, especially for the solo females travelers.

4. The Expert Vagabond

Top Travel Blog 4

The Expert Vagabond is the fourth blog I would suggest for the travelers who want to travel more at the least cost. It is one of the best travel blogs introducing the travelers to the tourist attractions present in that particular destination. This blog is managed by Matthew Karsten. The blogger has shared the captivating pictures, useful tips, and entertaining stories. So, are you all set for taking this adventurous voyage?

5. The Blonde Abroad

Top Travel Blog 5

The Blonde Abroad is completely different from all the above travel blogs providing a deep refine search option for the travelers. Whether you are a solo traveler or female traveler, you will find all the important travel tips here. Moreover, she has added some exclusive pictures and videos of her travel, which are certainly helpful for the new travelers. This travel blog is useful for the people who are interested in visiting Southeast Asia, Europe, America, the Caribbean, and the Middle East. I would definitely recommend this for avid travelers.

6. The Poor Traveler

Top Travel Blog 6

The important factor that a travel lover should never forget while planning for travel is the budget. It is commendable to make a rough budget before starting your voyage. This blog is created by Yoshke Dimen and Vins Carlos. It provides the brief information about the places of the particular destination along with the budget plans. In addition, there are many articles included by the bloggers depicting the significance of the tourist spots and destinations.

7. A Luxury Travel Blog

Top Travel Blog 7

‘A Luxury Travel Blog’ – the name itself proposes a glimpse of luxury. Before arriving, you can get information about the luxurious and high customer-rated hotels and resorts located in the destined place, through this blog. You can also get to know about the elegant attractions of the particular place. Apart from the list of luxurious accommodations and places to visit, there is an interesting section on this travel blog where one can explore the new and unusual things happening around the world. This travel blog is a great choice for avid travelers who want to plan their travel in the finest way.

8. Young Adventuress

Top Travel Blog 8

The blogger, named Liz, has written in brief about the tourist attractions to be visited along with beautiful images included in each article. The photographs provide a clear imagination of the place even for non-travelers. In addition, some videos and useful information is also added about each and every destination, which is highly helpful for the first-time travelers. If you want to explore some special destinations like Spain and New Zealand, I would suggest this blog as a reference before you start your travel.

9. Johnny Jet

Top Travel Blog 9

This blog is for those travel lovers who are planning their travel via air. It is the best blog providing complete information about the travel deals, tips, fares of different airways, along with additional information on hotels and travel attractions. It is the time-saving and money-saving blog for travel lovers, especially whose travel is completely based on the Jets.

10. Leave Your Daily Hell

Top Travel Blog 10

The blogger, named Robert, has written several blog posts to entertain and inform the travelers about the various destinations. The blogger has also included a travel planning option to make it easy for the first time travelers in choosing the right destination within their budget. Furthermore, he has added the images of his travel, listing out the important places he has visited and significant information related to those places. He keeps on updating the blog frequently about the on-going trip and the upcoming trip.

11. True Nomads

Top Travel Blog 11

It is an epic blog for scuba lovers. People who are madly in love with scuba diving and want to explore more and more water around the world can make this blog as their perfect choice. The blogger has also included information (accommodation, top tourist spots, type of food, etc.) about different continents, along with images. The blogger is a scuba lover and has explored about 71 countries in a span of 4 years.

12. Uncovering PA

Top Travel Blog 12

It is the right choice for people who want to travel to Pennsylvania. This travel blog provides more refinery search option compared to other blogs. Moreover, complete information is provided for each destination individually, along with the way map to reach the destination.

13. Twenty-Something Travel

Top Travel Blog 13

The blogger has included multiple articles describing the destinations traveled by her. In addition, she has included some precautions for solo travelers. She has provided relevant information about the destinations; transport and accommodation details along with the list of most spotted tourist attractions. This blog also throws a light on the famous eatables of the different places.

14. A Dangerous Business

Top Travel Blog 14

The blogger has written about several regions/countries, which she has visited, including America, Europe, Asia, etc. Not only this, but she has also provided the travel packaging list to help pack your bags. The images of the tourist attractions on the blog will definitely fascinate you.

15. Travels of Adam

Top Travel Blog 15

This travel blog is written by Adam based on his travel experience to multiple destinations around the world. He is a sophisticated writer, and has expressed his travel in such a great way, highlighting the significance of the tourist attractions effectively. In addition, he has included the travel guides for each destination to help the first time travelers.

16. Alex in Wanderland

Top Travel Blog 16

Alex in Wanderland is one of the good examples of travel blogs. The blogger has written the blog in an excellent way, giving a brief description about her travel to multiple destinations. The best part of this travel blog is the inclusion of obsessions and confessions, which help the new travelers in planning their trip. In addition, a list of tourist places to be visited is included. You will also get to know about the list of things to be packed prior visiting a particular place. The blog also helps you plan your voyage within your budget.

17. Never Ending Voyage

Top Travel Blog 17

Never Ending Voyage is one of the well-known travel blogs which should be visited by every voyager before planning to travel a particular destination around Asia, Europe, Africa, Oceania, etc. The bloggers Erin and Simon have included complete details of travel along with top-notch places to visit and information about food and accommodation. It is a complete guide for travelers to explore the world. In addition, the bloggers have added some books which would definitely make your traveling experience unforgettable.

18. Imperator Travel

Top Travel Blog 18

Imperator Travel blog is one among the travel blogs for those people who are confused about which travel destinations to choose.  You can organize your trip on your own with the help of this blog as it describes how to reach a particular destination and where to stay. It also includes information about the events and festivals of the places.

19. Ordinary Traveler

Top Travel Blog 19

Ordinary Traveler is a travel blog designed for adventure lovers. If you are planning a trip to enjoy your limited vacation time, then this blog is helpful for you. Here, you will find information about off-the-beaten-path destinations. Moreover, the award-winning photography will stimulate your traveling urge. This blog also helps you finding the best price hotels and cheap flights.

20. Souvenir Finder

Top Travel Blog 20

The blogger has included information about several destinations along with some styling tips to help the travelers transform their look according to the destination they visit. Kristin (the blogger) has also shared her unique travel experiences and famous global recipes which you can try.